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13 Helpful Zapier Integrations For Your Service Based Business

In the world of business, every moment counts.

Every second wasted on unwieldy software or needless frustration adds up – and your time is likely better served elsewhere.

Thankfully – if empowered by the right ideas and best technology – your business life can become easier and more streamlined than ever.

Zapier – a service that connects your apps and automates them for you – has made optimizing workflows their mission.

With their service, you can set up your apps to interact with one another so that important data can be exchanged between them automatically – allowing your focus to remain elsewhere.

For example, you could set up Zapier so that your clients receive a text message when their online booking is completed.

Zapier calls these app integrations “zaps,” and there is an astounding number of possibilities.

We’d thought we’d look at 13 of these that may play a big role in speeding up your service-based business and preventing future frustration. Let’s get started!

Do Timesheets Right With No Fuss

Toggl is a time-tracking service that extends way beyond simply keeping time. After logging some time with their app, you’ll also have access to advanced reports and analytics which can offer some valuable insight into the work lives of both you and your employees.

Using Zapier, you can set up Toggl to automatically begin time-keeping when your Google Calendar events start – an excellent way to save time while keeping time.

Easily Receive And Organize Client Feedback

If you like staying organized, this is a great one.

Using Zapier, you can consolidate any feedback you get from your SurveyMonkey customer surveys into one big, convenient Google Doc. No more wading through hundreds of emails – Zapier will keep things nice and tidy for you.

Automatically Register Contacts For Your Online Webinar

We’ve written previously about the simplicity of GoToWebinar’s streaming service and the value it can offer you by saving time and minimizing frustration.

Well, with Zapier, GTW just gets even better. Zapier offers a Google Sheets integration with GTW that lets you automatically register new participants from Google’s spreadsheet service.

It’s a sure-fire way to make managing your webinars that much easier.

Sync Daily To-Dos Across Multiple Apps

There are a lot of ways to manage your tasks online these days – so many that it can be difficult to stick with just one.

If you’re someone who runs multiple note-type apps side-by-side with no apologies, here’s a Zap for you.

Zapier offers an integration that makes using both Evernote and Wunderlist better than ever. Any time you create a note using Evernote, you can have Zapier create a matching Wunderlist task for you to go along with it.


Keep Clients Notified Via Email

This one is pretty straight forward but may be essential for anyone running a service based business.

You can set up Zapier to automatically email your clients through Gmail when a new booking is created. No hassle, no worries – it’s as simple as that.

Send Customized Receipts With Freshbooks and WebMerge

If you like giving everything associated with your business that extra special touch, this Zap might be for you.

Zapier gives you the tools to integrate your incoming Freshbooks payments with WebMerge to create elegantly customized receipts.

Best of all, once the integration is set up to your liking, leave it be. Zapier does the work for you – set it and forget it.

Cross-Post To Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great way to grow your business, but managing several or more accounts can be excessively time-consuming.

Thankfully, Zapier provides a Zap that, once set up, will automatically share your Instagram posts straight to your Facebook page.

No more time wasted on manually cross-posting!

Build A Buffer Of Social Media Posts

Here’s another effective social media integration. Using Buffer, you can schedule, track, and manage all of your social media accounts in one convenient place.

Using Zapier, you can have Buffer automatically take your Facebook posts directly from your feed, where they will then be available for cross-posting to the rest of your social media accounts.

Automatically Add Checked-Out Customers As Clients

Zapier makes keeping tabs on all of your customers easier, too!

With Zapier’s Stripe/Freshbooks Zap, you can have FreshBooks automatically create a new client profile for you whenever a new customer uses Stripe to check out.

This is a great time-saver, especially when tax time comes around.

Archive Time Spent On The Phone

For both you and your employees, call time can unexpectedly eat away at otherwise productive sessions. CallRail minimizes concern and ambiguity by tracking and recording activity over-the-phone and safekeeping your data for later.

Add Zapier into the mix, and you can have your CallRail data automatically outputted to Google Sheets, where it will be available at any time for future review.

Publicize Hosted Events

Hosting an event to drive interest in you and your business can be a fantastic way to attract new customers. Here are a few clever ways to do so, courtesy of Cleverism.

With Meetup, you can easily create an event and then instantly publicize it via Twitter using Zapier. Simple!

Subscribe Past Customers To Your Email List

Once you’ve set up Zapier to work with your PayPal and MailChimp accounts, your PayPal customers can be automatically be copied to a MailChimp email list of your choice.

From here, they’ll be able to receive updates, discounts, and special offers from you, straight to their inbox. And of course, the option to unsubscribe at any time, should they desire!

Track Digital Sales With Google Spreadsheets

Here’s another one for you data nerds – or anyone who just really likes spreadsheets.

If you offer customers ebooks or other downloadable goods in addition to your regular services, this is a Zap that really keeps things tidy.

You can have Zapier gather your sales statistics from Gumroad, where they will be available neatly in a Google Spreadsheet of your choice. Perfect!


Fortunately for our readers, Yocale is a registered Zapier software, meaning all of the Zaps listed above can also be Zapped together or integrated for Yocale users through the Zapier platform to execute thousands of tasks and actions.

Hopefully, we’ve filled you in on some of the quality-of-life upgrades Zapier can offer (hint: there are a lot!). For more on business – online and off – check back with us five days a week, here at the Yocale blog!

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