3 Best Social Media Platforms

3 Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Its no question, social media is paramount to the success of any business online.

The issue a lot of businesses have, however, is they get paralyzed with the amount of social media networks there are out there, and end up not doing anything at all because of this overwhelming fear of not knowing what to do or which ones to use.

Today we are going to take a look at 3 social media networks in particular that are a must for your business.


Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social media network in the world. But you may say to yourself, that its too saturated and your brand has no chance to make an impact on Facebook.

Well thankfully that is not true. If you are looking for a place to get in front of one of the most targeted audiences around, Facebook is the place to be.

Its true, Facebook has changed over the number of years, making it harder for your message to be spread organically. You see, when you make a post on your page, only a very small percentage of followers see that post in their feed organically.

Although this percentage has gotten smaller and smaller over the years, there are still a few ways to capitalize on the massive audience Facebook puts in front of you.

The first is boosted posts. The best way to do this is to post as you would normally during a weeks period, after which, you look and see which posts garnered the best organic reach. From there, you pay a little bit to boost that post, so even more people have a chance to see it. From there, this amplifies the engagement with that post for many days to come.

Second is promoting the page by either getting more likes, or clicks to your website. There is really no other network that gives you such specific targeting to get in front of the people that would be most interested in your product or service.


Twitter is special in many ways. Its the front runner for breaking news and has a very high level of social engagement.

It gives you the ability to constantly have a voice, even in a crowded network, by using hashtags to join in on the conversations of others, and get your brand known to those who would have never found you.

Make sure when you use Twitter, you post often, if you only post a few tweets here and there, this is surely a way to get lost in the crowd. By posting more regularly and more often, you give yourself a chance to pop up on someones feed that is only scrolling so far back in their timeline.


There are so many people in this world that are visual thinkers, and there is no more of a visual social media network than Pinterest.

Even though it is dominated by a large female demographic, there are so many uses for Pinterest that its a no brainer to be on this powerhouse of a site.

No matter what you sell or offer, there are ways to join in on the conversation while on Pinterest.

The great thing is now that you can add youtube videos to your pins, that way you create an even more engaging opportunity. What this means is you can add your product videos and have them seen by many.

Pinterest is all about finding a solution to a problem, such as how to lose weight, a baking recipe for tonight, or how to fix your squeaky chair, so you need to be able to play to that tune and offer people a way to connect with you to what they are looking for.

So as you can see social media is so important to promoting your brand and business in this noisy world. You don’t have to be on every single social media platform, but you for sure should be on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest if you expect to grow your customer base in the future to come.

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