3 Things Phoebe Should Do If She Ran Her Massage Therapy Business Today

We can all agree on how cold calling is not a very enjoyable activity. I believe that we would much rather deal with a warm contact instead of a cold contact. There’s a reason why it’s called “warm”: it’s more comfortable, more enjoyable, and a lot easier to make the sale.

So why do we continually focus on only converting new leads, when we could be working with old, recurring ones to drive revenue and push the business forward? Isn’t it a lot easier to turn a one-off customer into a repeat customer?

These repeat customers are integral to growing any business, as they allow for sustainable growth, instead of fickle growth that relies on a new client every day.

In the massage therapy world, there is a tremendous potential to develop long-term relationships with customers and keep them coming back. As a type of treatment, this is a place where we want to feel relaxed, and at home.

It is safe to say that there is enormous room to capitalize on the repeat customer in massage therapy.

In other words, it’s a win when you can create a new sale or make new revenue off a customer before they even leave your office; this is possible by making sure they come back in the future.

So let’s look at three ways you can start capitalizing on recurring bookings:

1. Online Booking

Phoebe BuffayThe first thing you should do is allow clients to book their next appointments online.

It’s easy to invest in an online booking software where you could use up less of your own as well as customers’ time trying to book appointments manually via phone and paper.

Online booking also allows the client the option of booking with their favorite masseuse for a more personalized experience, as it is a guarantee that customers want to feel comfortable and at ease during their massage experience.

2. Email Touch Points

Sending personalized emails to wish clients a happy birthday, or wish them happy holidays is an excellent way to allow your customers to feel cared for by you.

Customers want to feel like they’re more than just a number to you. They are happy not being another entry in your time sheet.

Customers appreciate your efforts that aren’t related to your bottom line, so try to build connections. Personal relationships always matter at the end of the day.

3. Rebooking Reminders

Massage TherapyOne of the easiest ways to grow your business, and increase your revenue is to send them a rebooking reminder throughout the year because there is a significant possibility that they might simply be caught up with life and have forgotten about booking.

Client retention is very important and is directly correlated to business and revenue growth.

Long story short, if Phoebe Buffay worked at her massage business today, she would probably do many things differently.

What would you tell her about using massage therapy software to encourage her clients to come back again?

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