UEFA 2016 European Championships

3 Ways The Euro 2016 Soccer Tournament Shows Us How To Provide Better Customer Service

It’s great that we only have to wait two years and not four years for a major international soccer (football) tournament. This time around, we are being graced with 24 amazing teams in the UEFA 2016 European Championships.

When it comes to running your online business, we can draw from these amazing games similarities in how to provide your clients excellent customer service.

Let’s kick this one off (pun intended) with three ways we can use the Euro Championship to help us provide the best customer service possible.

1. If You Make A Mistake, Apologize, And Make Up For It Fast

The worst feeling in soccer is being tied up nil-nil and then getting scored on with just 10 minutes left in the game.

Just like if you are down by one nil in soccer, this doesn’t mean you can’t come back to win the game.

We can take the same rational when it comes to winning back your customers.

If ever something goes wrong, or they have a bad customer service experience, dust yourself off, and be even stronger to try to appease the situation and win them back.

It’s not over until it’s over, so you can always win back your customers.

2. It’s Not A Sprint But A Marathon

Soccer without a doubt is a long game. Not as long as cricket, but still 90 minutes is a long time to be running up and down the pitch.

You have to make sure your stamina can keep up, and be able to maintain a pace for yourself.

Well, if you look at how you run your own business when it comes to customer service, you don’t try to do everything all at once either.

You don’t want to have all of your promotions and marketing done all at once; work on spreading it out to take advantage of cyclical opportunities.

When it comes to customer service, the best way to ensure that you are always keeping in touch with your clients is to be in contact and connect with them.

Always try to remind them that you are there thinking about them, that way they don’t forget about you!

Even more, you want to take this opportunity to ensure that you connect with them, with such things as an email marketing campaign.

This way they always have you in the back of their mind, and you can capture up selling opportunities by having monthly deals that allow them to save some money on their next purchase, merely because they are part of your exclusive mailing list.

3. Score The First Goal

Customers love it when you do something for them after a sale or when a problem event occurs.

But what wows customers, is if you do something for them before they even expect it.

Wow Your Customers

This score first mentality is about wowing your customer and taking them by surprise and doing something nice for them without them having to do anything in return.

This could be something simple like an email wishing them a happy birthday.

Sending them a 25% off coupon code for their next order after they already bought from you.

Or if you want to step it up, sending them a thank you a gift certificate at a local restaurant where you know they enjoy going.

As you can see, soccer is not so much different from running a business. If you play your cards right, you are cinch to win it all in the end.

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