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3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Career As A Dog Walker

Have you been sitting around at home wondering what to do with your free time? Perhaps the world of dog walking crossed your mind, but you did not know where to get started.

Becoming a dog walker is a very rewarding job that can get you outdoors while meeting a lot of new people (and their dogs).

You should obviously have a passion for man’s four-legged friends first and foremost. From there, you also must be okay with walking long distances for extended periods of time day in and day out.

From there, you will want to start getting people to know what you do and let them know you are available to walk their dogs.

So if you are serious about getting started in this rewarding job, then read on, as we have put together three ways to get your career started and on your way today.

1. Get Certified

Sure, you can just pick up and go. However, what if you were able to add a little bit more professionalism to your accolades and get yourself certified as a dog walker.

Getting your certification trains you on many different aspects of dog walking you may not have even considered.

Things like dog behavior, pet first aid, and even city by-laws and legislation.

When you tell people you are certified, it provides clients with that sense of security, so they are more comfortable knowing that you know what you are doing.

2. Market Yourself To Everyone

In all businesses, marketing is critical. Moreover, as a dog walker, no dogs means no pay cheque.

You want to target your sphere of influence right away, meaning the people in your immediate circles such as your family and friends.

Reach out to them and see who needs help walking their dog, or perhaps they know someone with a dog that may be interested in hiring a dog walker.

From there, target types of businesses that have some connection to dogs, such as veterinarians and pet groomers.

Get in touch with them and set up some referral program where they recommend your services, and you recommend them amongst your clientele.

3. Use Online Booking Software

Being a dog walker means you are mobile. At the same time with the growth of mobile devices, so too are you, clients.

An excellent way to get more business is to set up an online booking system, such as the one Yocale offers for dog walkers.

You see, it may be that you do dog walking on the side, such as a part-time thing, and you may already have full-time commitments during the week.

Mobile Online Booking Software

If you offered your clients the ability to view and book with you using an online scheduling system, they could see exactly when you are free to walk their dogs.

The other great thing is that you do not even have to take calls or answer emails. Your business can be on auto-pilot, as your booking system can take appointments for you any time of day, and no matter where your clients may be.

Another option is to take online booking requests, as this allows for concurrent bookings or multiple classes, which can be used for a dog walking session. For example, you may have a time slot blocked off to be able to go for lunch, but then if you receive an appointment request, then you have the choice of if you want to take it or leave it for later.

This is an excellent way to open up you are available and still be able to take bookings while you sleep.

As you can see, getting started in the world of dog walking is not that difficult, sure you can jump right in, but it may take you a lot longer to get traction and build up your client base.

By following the steps above, you can get yourself out there, and have more people know what you do, getting you more business, and more cash in your pocket.

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