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3 Wellness And Laser Clinic Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

Effective marketing can take time – it’s true.

Thankfully, patience is a virtue most clinic operators possess. They know it might take time for their work to heal and for the results of their procedures to shine through.

However, no amount of patience can aid or supplement the ineffectiveness of weak marketing. All businesses are unique, and just as your clients have special needs, marketing your clinic effectively requires a specific approach.

Whether you’ve been slacking on your marketing, or just want a few more ideas to toy around with – here are three killer strategies you can implement today with little hassle and only minimal financing required!

Laser-Focus Your Internal Marketing Efforts

When people think marketing, they usually picture large billboards and bombastic TV adverts. However, these methods often come attached with hefty price tags.

And as it turns out, for service-based wellness or laser clinics, the best growth often comes from within.

After all, loyal customers are estimated to spend 67% more than new ones. As such, it’s well worth it to focus your marketing inwards in the interest of being both cost-effective and growth-oriented.

However, many clinics make the mistake of failing to accurately and thoroughly educate their clients about the services they offer. They might have laser-focused precision with their tools, but when it comes to marketing their services, their aim is clumsy – too often, they’re missing the mark.

The truth is, the average person doesn’t know what a wellness or laser clinic can offer them. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If anything, it’s an opportunity to grow your clientele by providing helpful educational content that also effectively markets your services. People like transparency, and by clearly illustrating your clinic’s value to others, you’ll likely earn their business over other clinics.

The best place to start is by ensuring your staff has a thorough knowledge of all your services, even if they can’t perform them all themselves. This way, your staff will be able to promote your services in a genuine and helpful manner.

As an added benefit, if your clients understand your services, they’re more likely to recommend them to friends and family members!

Use Visual Content To Promote Your Services

Now that we’ve stated how important it is to educate through your marketing, here’s the best way to do it – visually!

This isn’t just our opinion, either – most clinics have found immense success with visual marketing content. That is, pictures, videos, and other forms of visual content that clearly demonstrate the value of particular services to clients.

So why is that visual content strikes such a chord with people? After all, isn’t a good ol’ spoken presentation or radio advert just as effective?

Well, as it turns out – no! One study recently found that after a mere three days, a user only retained 10-20 percent of written or spoken information.

However, the same people retained a whopping 65 percent of visual information after the same amount of time had passed.

In advertising, the science is no different – visuals are powerful marketing aids. And in the interest of explaining complex procedures to clients, they’re a secret weapon you shouldn’t be without.

Try taking the time to create captivating visual content centring around your services, such as before-and-after photos/videos and procedure footage. Then, upload and post this content directly to your social media channels – especially visually-centric platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Include relevant hashtags if applicable, and post consistently. You should start to see your online following grow as long as your content is compelling on some level.

As an example, check out Ontario-based laser clinic Skinprovement on Instagram for some ideas.

Once your online following grows, you might want to look into other forms of digital-visual marketing as well.

Instagram stories are a great way to retain audience engagement day-in and day-out. Or, try conducting a brief question and answer segment with your followers via Instagram’s live stream feature.

Many viewers may jump at the opportunity to solicit your expertise and opinion without needing to book a proper consultation or appointment! And if they found your input helpful, you may have a new customer on your hands!

For a more traditional approach, extending your marketing reach with pamphlets, brochures, and marketed email content works well, too. By educating clients and supplying visual aids, you can drive growth significantly.

Boost Your Online Visibility And Grow Your Client Base

In 2018, online marketing should be a big part of any business’s advertising game. This is especially true in the service industry, where more users than ever are turning to their mobile devices to browse businesses and book appointments.

Yelp – an online business directory – estimated that a staggering 85% of people used the internet to find and discover local businesses in 2012. It’s safe to say that in nearly six years, that number has likely jumped.

However, the online marketing scene is fiercely competitive. Many businesses struggle to capture keywords and follow trends in the hopes of ascending the online ladder.


Because it’s the businesses at the top of search results in Google and Yelp that are scoring the most conversions and bookings. Other businesses that either don’t make an effort or choose not to compete are left in the digital dust, losing out on clients in the process.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an internet marketing wiz to snag a spot at the top.

Google – the kingpin of internet search engines – offers an easy way for wellness and laser clinics to gain traction and transparency across Google Search and Maps.

They call it Google Reserve, and it’s a simple way for businesses to attract local clients in their area without blowing their marketing budgets or fretting over keywords.

So how does it work?

Any time a potential client searches Google for your business or services you offer, your clinic will be featured prominently. They’ll be able to see your hours of availability, the services you provide, and they’ll even have the ability to book right on the spot.

Because not all businesses utilize Google Reserve, those that do gain a definitive advantage over others.

As for the results? They speak for themselves.

Just getting set up with Google Reserve can provide a notable increase in online conversions and bookings. The best part is, Yocale makes it easy to get started with built-in support for Google Reserve and offers an additional suite of marketing tools to help grow your clinic!

Every business is unique, and when it comes to effectively marketing wellness and laser clinics, the same diligence and care you show your patients is required.

If you’ve been struggling to hit your marketing targets lately, we hope these three strategies will help you steady your aim.

Thanks for reading!

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