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4 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Practice this year

As any chiropractor knows, a strong spine is essential to maintaining good health in our personal lives. In the business world, a similar concept applies – only, it’s marketing that is often considered to be the backbone of successful businesses.

But, marketing isn’t always easy. Every industry is different and typically requires a specialized marketing approach in order to see the best returns.

For chiropractors, this is no different. Many chiropractic businesses excel at providing excellent service to their clients, but struggle with finding marketing strategies that really “click.”

So what works, what doesn’t, and how can chiropractors avoid the aches and pains of inefficient marketing?

Well, we’ve collected a few compelling marketing strategies that have helped fuel the growth of other chiropractic businesses. And hey – if it worked for them, it might just work for you!

Organize Group Chiropractic Events

Group chiropractic events are a great way to generate dozens of bookings and potentially build long-lasting partnerships with local businesses in your area.

And perhaps most conveniently, they’ve also proven very popular with both employees and employers alike. With 70% of stress estimated to be work-related, workers love receiving specialized on-site treatment that eases work-related pain and discomfort.

Generally, this works by reaching out to a variety of businesses and offering in-office/on-location services for their employees at a select date. Once they’ve established the terms and conditions, chiropractors will send mobilized therapists to perform the agreed-upon services.

If the employees like the service they’ve been provided (and chances are, they will!), you can further incentivize them to book individual appointments with time-sensitive promo codes. In the end, these conversions can boost your business significantly, potentially netting you dozens of future appointments in a short time frame!

Improve Your Bookability With Online Marketing

When people turn to services like Google or Yelp to find local businesses, it doesn’t take them long to whittle down their options. And if your company doesn’t have any online visibility, you’re losing out on potential business.

Thankfully, stepping up your online marketing game is pretty straightforward these days, especially with the right tools.

Software like Yocale features all-in-one marketing solutions that largely handle internet marketing for you, so you can focus on other matters.

For starters, improving your “bookability” with Google Reserve is a great place to start. By creating a Google-optimized listing for your chiropractic business, your services will be listed automatically across Google services like Search and Maps.

From here, handy “book now” buttons built-in to Google make it easy for potential clients to take action right from their internet-connected device and book with you in minutes. This feature makes it easy to convert on-the-fence clients, scoring you business with minimal effort.

Another marketing strategy favored by chiropractic businesses is email marketing. It’s often overlooked in favor of other tactics, but its effectiveness has been consistently proven.

To step it up, pair automated email marketing with rebooking notifications, and you’ll have a deadly strategy on your hands. This works by checking-in with past clients via email and gently reminding them to rebook.

And last, but not least, adding a “book now” button to your business’s Facebook page is a great way to convert online page views into appointments quickly. It works similarly to Google Reserve, but on Facebook, of course!

Offer Social Coupons And Reward Loyalty

Word-of-mouth is still a powerful way to drive business growth by boosting clientele. However, it’s often not enough to bank on word-of-mouth alone.

However, many chiropractic businesses have struck marketing gold by creating promo deals and/or a referral system to reinforce the strength of their word-of-mouth advertising.

To kickstart a campaign of similar effectiveness, take the time to make a series of “promo cards” to give to your clients after their appointments conclude. These cards might be physical, or you could distribute them via email – that part is up to you.

Instruct your clients to give the cards to any friends or family that might be interested in your services, with the incentive of discounted therapy. To drive conversions even further, you could intersect the promotion with a referral deal for your existing clients, so they get a piece of the action, too.

Speaking of referrals, a loyalty or referral system is another sure-fire way to score more bookings and drive growth. Genuine customer loyalty is an invaluable boon, but further incentivizing continued loyalty with reward points or discounts will get you even better results.

For some killer inspiration, check out HubSpot’s post on loyalty programs.

Show Potential Clients What You Can Do

With the rise of accessible technology, the world has become visually-oriented – especially online. Every day, millions of people access social-visual channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to connect with friends and check in with the world.

But, it’s not all a distraction. In fact, the best online marketers know this – and that’s why social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook remain their advertising platforms of choice.

Why? Well, research suggests that our verbal intelligence is dropping, while our visual intelligence is growing. Even a sizeable 65% of people today are classified as visual learners.

Thankfully, visual marketing strategies work for a variety of businesses – chiropractic care included.

Dr. Chris Stepien of Barefoot Rehabilitation has found particular success in promoting his services via social media channels. By taking “before” and “after” pictures and/or videos of a client’s range of motion (with their permission, of course!), he’s able to create compelling online visual content that clearly demonstrates what he can offer prospective clients.

Once you’ve created some “visual evidence” of your own, social media channels aren’t your only option for sharing, however. Try spreading your content to other promising outlets like your email marketing campaigns or website to maximize results!

Whether you consider yourself to be an expert marketer or you’re still learning your way around, the marketing landscape is continually evolving. These are just a few ways to stay on top of the trends and help make 2018 the best year for your chiropractic business yet.

Thanks for reading! You can expect new articles covering a broad range of online business tips and strategies right here, five days a week, on the Yocale blog.

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