Eliminate Pains Of Running Physical Therapy Business

4 Ways To Remove The Top Pains Of Running Your Physical Therapy Business

You’re running your own physical therapy practice, and you can’t help notice that at times, it’s a huge pain in the neck. Between maintaining your equipment, tracking medical records, and trying to grow your business at the same time, you feel like there’s so much to do and you’re not sure where to start.

Obviously running your own business—regardless of what it is—is no easy feat. So, what are some of the small things you can do to make it a little easier?

1. Physical Therapy Software: Implement An Online Booking System

Of all the software decisions you make, choosing a physical therapy scheduling software is probably the most important thing you will pick. If you don’t already have one, implementing an online booking system could alleviate a lot of the pain that comes with running your physical therapy business.

When you take your booking from paper to online, it opens up a world of possibilities. To start, your customers can book for free anytime they want, from anywhere they want. If they don’t have to call within your hours, it means that you have the potential of getting more clients, with less work on your part.

More importantly, with an online booking system, you can send reminders and updates. This means you save money on lost opportunity cost from no-shows. You can also maintain customer relationships by sending rebooking reminders, to turn those one-off customers into repeat customers.

2. Track Referrals

There’s a good chance that most of your client base will come from referrals. You’ll want to make sure that you capitalize on these opportunities, and increase your chances of having more referrals.

Track Referrals

Choose a physical therapy management software that attracts new clients came from referral sources or listing services; if they came from referrals, it’s good to note. This way, you know what areas of marketing work best for you and for personal referrals, you can create a method of thanking them and encouraging them to do it more.

Also, be sure to make it easy for your current clients to refer you, through share buttons for all your online content and calls to action on your digital campaigns. You can also encourage your users to refer you to their network by creating promotions for every referral they make, such as a 20% off you and your referral’s next appointment.

3. Establish An Online Payroll And Billing System

You want to have a medical billing software to ensure seamless points of sale tracking.

Instead of sifting through binders of receipts and invoices, you can have everything stored online, easily accessible. While you have quick access to transaction documents, so do your clients—and they’ll appreciate it.  The ability to have easy-to-access reports makes bookkeeping a breeze and with a unique login for your clients to access their own receipts if they misplace them can save you one extra administrative headache!

4. Have A Cloud-Based Physical Therapy EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Software

Binders and files and file cabinets of medical records are probably the biggest pains of running a physical therapy business.

Have A Cloud Based EMR

Gone are the days you should ever have to sift through a file cabinet. How easy would it be to just enter a client’s last name or another reference indicator, and simply have their records available at the touch of a button?

Moreover, EMR’s offer better security and safety.  No matter what happens to your office or computer, the records are safe and sound forever in a cloud-based system.

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