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4 Ways Using A Versatile POS Software Makes Your Business Run Smoother

If businesses want to thrive, they need software that is versatile – especially when it comes to POS software. After all, this is how your business gets paid.

Ultimately, POS software should also do a lot more than simply process sales and accept payments. A great POS software will also do a lot more, as you will see below. The more versatile the POS software, the smoother your business will run.

With this in mind, here are 4 ways that a versatile POS software can make your business run a lot smoother.

1. Consolidation = Efficiency

When it comes to running a business, efficiency is central. That’s how the best businesses out there run – just like well-oiled machines.

The problem is that many businesses rely on a lot of different pieces of software, programs and other tools to conduct their business, which just ends up complicating the entire process and slowing things down.

Simply put, the more software, programs and so on that you have to rely on, the more your overall efficiency decreases. Research by HubSpot, for example, found that 82% of marketers and sales personnel lose an entire hour a day because they are managing different tools.

That’s why having a versatile POS is so important. Again, a versatile POS means that it will do a lot more than simply process sales and accept payments. A versatile POS will allow you to consolidate extraneous software, programs and so on, therein acting a central hub.

Not only will a versatile POS software allow you to conduct all related activities from this central hub, but it will also store critical information from that same hub as well.

In short, a fully functional POS allows you to conduct important aspects from your business from a central hub, allowing you to increase your overall efficiency in the process.

That leads to our next point, which is a more in-depth look at some of the features that a versatile POS should have.

2. Seamless POS Tracking

As we’ve said, a versatile POS system will allow you to conduct a range of different functions that are related to processing sales and accepting payments.

A versatile POS system will make POS tracking entirely seamless. For example, a versatile POS will allow you to track and store client billing information, view purchase history, payments, tips and also taxes.

It will also allow you to easily apply memberships, packages and products to your final bill as well.

In short, functional POS software will allow seamless point of sale tracking.

3. The Ability To Manage Inventory

A versatile POS software will not only allow you to process sales and accept payments but also manage your inventory.

Proper inventory management is critical to the success of your business, but proper inventory management tends to be a problem for many businesses out there. In fact, nearly 50% of SMBs don’t even track inventory – or they use a manual method.

Many different problems can arise when inventory is poorly managed; a big one is that many businesses tend to overspend on inventory. Inaccurate inventory tracking is another common mistake, especially when complicated spreadsheets are involved.

In both of these cases, the result the same: money lost.

4. Integrated With Other Business Functions (Reporting, Client Management, Email Marketing, Etc.)

A versatile POS will not only allow you to manage inventory – it will also be integrated into other business functions, allowing you to control other aspects of your business in a seamless manner.

A couple of examples here include reporting, allowing you to stay on the important numbers as it pertains to your particular business.

A versatile POS will also be integrated into a client management system, allowing you to track important client details and provide a better level of customer service through personalization.

It will also allow you to conduct various marketing functions, like email marketing – again, all from a central hub.

The Bottom Line

A versatile POS software will allow you to consolidate extraneous pieces of software and programs, allowing for increased efficiency within your business.

It will also facilitate seamless point of sale tracking, the ability to manage your inventory (and save costs) and, finally, be integrated into many other business applications.

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