5 Myths Of Taking Online Bookings Debunked

As a business owner, you are faced with many tasks that take up much of your time. From placing appointments, customer support, to going through expenses, and figuring out how you can grow your business.

There is hope though!

And that comes in the way of online bookings. Today we are going to debunk 5 myths about taking bookings online that have been holding your business back from reaching its full potential.

Myth 1: It’s not the same level of customer service making it less personal

Running a successful business means providing exceptional customer service to your clients at all times of day and in all ways by providing a choice for your clients to book appointments however they want with you. Online is one way they can when they feel like it, but if they need to call they still can and will probably be served better because others are booking online and freeing up your time to better serve everyone.

And with most people using mobile phones these days, being able to book when they are on the go means you are making things easier for them, which in the end, translates to a better customer experience.

To add to this, appointments create text message and email reminder confirmations which people prefer than getting voicemails from your staff in the middle of the day, which also makes it easier for them to add the appointment to their calendar.

It’s really important to have a connection with your customers, and online booking systems do just that!

When someone books a reservation, their information is now saved into your account. What this means is that you can connect to your clients in more ways. For example by adding them to your newsletter and having them on your email list.

This allows you to reach out and say thank you, or even offer discounts and bonus offers. Since you now know them better, you can provide better services to them.

Myth 2: My clients won’t like it because of their age or ethnicity

What is great about the internet is that its been around for so long that most people have had some sort of interaction with it in some form or another, such as sending emails, or using a search engine to find something online.

To add to this, most websites now provide simple and easy to use interfaces that make it super simple for anyone from the young to the old to be able to figure out and navigate a web page or form.

Online Bookings now are so simple and so intuitive, that it only takes a few minutes to make an appointment.  It’s as easy as such as booking travel, using Facebook, or an ATM, which the majority of your customers are probably on and doing.

In a recent survey, more than 90% of people surveyed said that they wanted online booking options regardless of their age or ethnicity. To put this into perspective, 20% of Yocale’s customers are over 55 years of age!

Myth 3: It takes time to learn and more time to manage

What is great about having a unified and central location where your schedule and calendar are housed, means that everything is under one roof.

By not having to answer emails or phone calls from people wanting to book, it frees you up to do other things.

So in the end, you are spending less time managing your schedule, and having more time to expand your business and better serving your customers.

Myth 4: I will lose control of my schedule

With an easy to use administrator centre, you are easily able to manage and view your calendar and bookings.

What this translates to is quick and easy access to be able to see what new bookings have come in, to at a glance see what appointments are coming up in your calendar, and be better able to manage all clients within the booking system.

Such as how many times they have previously come to see you, the total amount they have spent, and send email and text message reminders to them.

If you have such a flexible online system, you won’t have issues to customize it to do the bookings the way you want them to. Such as the ability to offer certain services at certain times and taking more than one booking at a time.

Myth 5: You need a receptionist to handle it

Having a receptionist is great, as they can take care of a lot of things. Yet the one thing that you don’t need a dedicated person for is managing your online booking system.

You see, the way an appointment system is set up, its designed to be able to be easily managed by one person, say the practitioner or business owner themselves.

This allows the business to save costs by not having to hire further staff to manage the schedule.

So as you can see by using an online booking system, you can offer a new level of customer service, are able to interact with a variety of clients, and at the same time generate more repeat business from your existing clientele, while managing your system efficiently and with the same level of client care that they deserve.

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to take your business to the next level and start taking online bookings for your business today!

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