5 Non Sock Related Fathers Day Gifts That You Can Book Online

5 Non Socks Related Fathers Day Gifts That You Can Book Online

It’s that time of year again—yes, the day we celebrate all proud papas, the happiest time of the year.

And so, we’ve come up with a revolutionary idea for the best Father’s Day gift ever: are you ready?


If that was as underwhelming for you as it was meant to be, then we are all on the same page. This year, Dad probably doesn’t want socks again—or next year, or the year after that. But, he owns nearly everything he already needs, and there aren’t a lot of options for things that you can buy for him.

What if, instead of buying him a thing, you bought him an experience instead? And what if, you could book all these experiences online from the comfort of your pajamas?

1. A Golf Day

It’s June, the weather’s getting nice, and there’s probably nothing better than having a can of soda outside while playing the only sport you can get away with playing while wearing a dress shirt.


As technology and the popularity of golfing has grown, it has become incredibly easy to book a golfing session online. More importantly, you would be giving the gift of allowing him to have extra quality time with his friends, which is invaluable and worth far more than anything you can purchase at a store.

2. A Dine In The Dark Experience

Is your dad adventurous? Has he been wanting to take your mom out for a nice date, but hasn’t gotten around to it?

Dark tables offer unique, adventurous dining in the sense that all dining is done in the dark. This elevates the other senses of hearing, touch, taste, and smell, to bring an innovative meal experience to customers.

While this might also double as a good anniversary gift, you can book or buy online certificates for a “dark table” experience for your father and his significant other. This is perfect for the dad that insists on not having a gift and treats himself by treating others.

3. A Message Therapy Session

Although he would never admit it, perhaps your dad likes to spoil himself. He might even take candle-lit baths when he knows no one is in the house.

If this sounds like your dad, you could easily book him a massage therapy session or a similar spa-related treatment, from your computer or the comfort of your phone via a platform that allows you to search for businesses in your area.

By using an appointment-booking platform, you can search for the perfect service that suits your old man, and one that is conveniently located to ensure his overall Father’s Day experience is effortless.

4. A Cooking Class

If your father is looking to improve his cooking skills—or perhaps you just want to send him a message, you can easily book him a cooking class.

As our generation begins to realize that both genders belong in the kitchen, your dad might find it fun to learn a thing or two about creating a fancy dish. Or, perhaps he’s just returned from a trip to an exotic place and would like to find out how to replicate their cuisine.

Cooking Class

A cooking class is a smart idea as you can hand pick a class focused on a particular region or type of cuisine; this means you can indeed help customize the experience for your father. And, there’s even a chance he might use his new-found skills to whip up a nice anniversary meal later on!

5. Boat Tour Or Sailboat Cruise

This is the ultimate pleasure cruise, perfectly fitted for the season. Although it might be on the pricy side, your city probably offers a tourist entertainment or activity much like a sailboat cruise or tour.

These can be booked online as well, or purchased in the form of gift certificates so your dad can take it whenever he likes.

If you’re feeling extra financially adventurous because you just go your paycheck, you might even reserve multiple spots (and split the cost if you have siblings) to make it a family event.

So, those socks that you’re debating buying—yes, just put those away—yes, that’s it. There are tons of fun activities you can book online, from a soccer game, couples’ massage, etc. The best part is, with the growth of business today, more and more companies are becoming accessible via online booking platforms as they are beginning to realize how the world is changing. They are starting to realize that an essential part of serving customers is offering them real-time availability and convenience, all from the comfort of within their own home.

The point is, you can get your dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift by purchasing an experience, invaluable compared to any object you would find in a store, that is unless he’s a House-Elf that needs to be set free, at which point any piece of clothing will do.

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