5 Tips For Rebooking Clients


Rebooking is an easy way to increase income. By encouraging clients to rebook their next appointment right after they complete their service ensures you’ll keep a nice and steady stream of clientele and income.

It’s estimated that clients who rebook on the day of their service make an average of 30 to 50% more visits per year than clients who don’t.

Rebooking is good for your clients, too!  Your clients want to look and feel their best. Since you’re the expert and have the relationship with the client, it’s up to you to tell them how to achieve that goal. Focus on the greater health benefits and value to clients. Or, offer treatments in a series that offer cumulative results. In a spa, this could include microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation or botox. For an allied health business, this could mean offering a multi-disciplined approach and a continual assessment of progress on specific health, flexibility and mobility goals. You get the picture! Focusing on making sure your clients feel valued and delivering great tips and services specific to their needs will always be your best rebooking tools.

Here are five tips to ensure your clients are rebooking with you:

  1. Explain the Value of Keeping A Schedule

    Educate your client on what it takes to keep feeling and looking their best. Tell them exactly how many visits they should make and how many weeks between each visit.  {In an online scheduling system like Yocale, you can set up an automated rebooking reminder, or book multiple appointments at regular intervals in one step!}

  2. Offer More than Maintenance

    Besides maintenance visits, always cross sell your services, so clients know what else you can do for them.

  3. Suggest Dates

    Tell clients with busy schedules that it will benefit them to set up their next appointment in advance. Using phrases like “my weekends are booking up” or “I’d like to see you before the busy holiday rush” can motivate clients.

  4. Offer An Incentive

    Try offering a rebooking incentive, such as a percentage off their next visit or a mini-service. Tell them about seasonal promotions ahead of time so you’ve planted a seed for future appointments.

  5. Create a Rebooking Culture!

    Take the time to set up clear rebooking guidelines and train all your staff (including reception) on the importance of rebooking so they can reinforce the message at checkout. Your front desk should portray your schedule as busy. There’s no incentive to rebook if your calendar is wide open! If your clients don’t know their schedule, pencil them in to your schedule now and let them know they can reschedule later.

You will increase your revenues 30 to 50% by consistently pre-booking.

It’s time to increase one of the most accessible revenue streams in your business.  Rebooking warm clients who have just walked out of a great service is one of the easiest sales on the planet! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to provide optimal service with long lasting results to your clients while building a steady revenue stream for your business.  Look at your current rebooking numbers and set a goal to increase that percentage in the next month, you may be surprised how easily you can increase your monthly income!

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