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5 Tips on How to Get Referrals from Complementary Service Providers

Generating consistent referrals is one of the most effective ways for businesses to attract new customers, particularly if those referrals are coming from trusted sources. If you are a health care provider, getting a great referral from a doctor, for example, will not only encourage customers browsing your website to choose you, but also means you will be on their list of recommendations.

Referrals like these build the credibility of your business and make new customers more likely to trust your business, which is the key to generating more leads. This blog post outlines the top five ways you can obtain more referrals from trusted professionals in your area, in turn helping grow your business.

1. Join Associations And Meetups

By getting out into your community and talking to professionals, you can better spread the word about the services you offer. Browsing online for meetups in your area will help you find like-minded business owners or even customers, helping you to build new relationships and hopefully obtain some great referrals.

You can also find people who may give you referrals in professional associations or business networking groups, where people get together to practice their elevator pitch and exchange business cards. Be sure to make up cards that include your logo, contact information and a space that says: “Referred by _________”.

2. Share Your Information Freely

The more you share your knowledge of the industry and what your company does, the better you will spread your message. Consider giving presentations or speaking at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, or another local association you are part of.

Alternatively, you could offer lunch and learns in your office, or give talks at schools or local events. If your business offers a service, volunteering those services for local charities, or donate samples of your products to generate good will.

3. Give Referrals

The more referrals you give, whether to clients or to trusted professionals in your area, the more referrals will come back to you. Although it can be tempting to focus all positive attention and interest on your own business, if you see an opportunity to bring two contacts together, doing so could work in your favour.

People will not only appreciate you referring them but will be more likely to give you a positive referral as a result. When that does happen, thanking that person is a must, whether that means sending them a note or treating them to lunch.

4. Treat Every Client Like They Are The Most Important Person

Always endeavor to exceed customers’ expectations by giving them the best service possible. Assuming that customer has had a great experience, they will have no problem telling their friends about the service they received and referring people to your business.

To ensure you get maximum referrals, work hard to follow up with your client and let them know you are thankful, perhaps by offering a discount off of their next service or with a gift card. Although building relationships with some customers can take time, so in order to gain their trust, treat each customer as though they are critical to your next referral.

5. Ask For Referrals

The only way to ensure you will get referrals is by asking for them. Whether you’re out networking, talking to people in your area or finishing off a client’s first service, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to ask for a referral, drop the mindset that you will appear desperate to clients by asking. Also remember that you don’t have to accept just any referral, only those you are likely to have a strong relationship with and who you believe would benefit from your services.

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