5 Tricks To Run Your Business While Watching More Of The NHL Playoffs

Ah, the playoff season. When the cold drinks are flowing, and your friends don’t leave your place until the last whistle sounds. Although the playoffs may be your favorite time of the year, unfortunately, work doesn’t quit no matter whose team is having a great run this year. So how can you balance all your day to day tasks and still catch both halves?

Well here’s just a couple ways that Yocale can help you get your NHL fix this season:

1. No More Phone Calls

We all remember the day when you finally started to get business rolling in and didn’t realize that good business also came with 200 hundred phone calls a day. There’s no rest for the wickedly great service providers and anything that can lessen the load has a warm welcome here.

Because Yocale is driven entirely online, there is no more need to keep your phone at the ready at all times. The booking system allows for direct matches between your calendar and the client’s, so no more negotiations over the phone needed.

You can also have all your information in one place with customizable pages perfect for service, descriptions of your staff, and a map for customers to find you quickly.

Everything is also readily available via your mobile app so you can surf your upcoming appointments during the commercials without ever having to get up off the couch.

2. All Bookings Online

Remember the days of the giant booking binders? Well, say goodbye to old school methods with Yocale. Now you can manage your entire schedule all in one place, no matter the industry.

The best part is the customizable interface of Yocale, which allows you to specify times for individual staff members and even have your employees get the notification directly. In addition, you can even specify the availability of specific services by date, time, and who offers it. This means your calendar manages everyone’s calendar so no more organizing who’s working when on top of your busy schedule.

Everything is automated and scheduled to perfection so you can enjoy your afternoon off your with your buddies.

Online Bookings

3. Automatic Reminders

If you’re like any busy business person, you’ll know that every once and a while you forget a meeting or appointment. But thankfully there’s a solution for that too. Yocale has automatic reminders that send right to the client to let them know when their appointments are coming up.

Pair this with an in-home business, and you might be able to squeeze in an appointment during the break.

4. Email Marketing

But what about all those pesky emails you need to send out? You can’t just leave the promotions to sell themselves! Well, look no further because Yocale has that too. Embedded into the application, Yocale can also send out your weekly promotional emails to all the clients you have registered on your system.

Don’t miss a single week with automated send times so you can focus on prepping that perfect game day guacamole.

Yocale also tracks all the results from marketing campaigns so you can check your analytics while you’re waiting for the game to start.

Email Marketing

5. Automatic Invoices

Last but not least, paper invoicing has officially become a thing of the past. Don’t waste your time licking stamps and chance missing the perfect play when Yocale can send invoices for you when your client’s appointment is over. No more pesky, time-eating paperwork for you, my friend.

It also comes with POS tracking and reporting for ease of use and proper business management. All your business needs in one place, how does that sound? Maybe not as good as Penguins beating the Sharks, but we’ll see.

All in all, make sure you have the time to enjoy this playoff season by using Yocale to automate your local business today.

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