5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

5 Ways to Boost Sales this Holiday Season

For retailers and service businesses, the holidays boost to sales via gift purchases, gift certificates, Christmas-time indulgences and add-on sales can be a significant bonus. Here are some tips to help you capture additional income and bookings in your business, as well as boost your cash flow and future business with gift certificate sales this season.

  1. Up sell

Are you and your staff trained in the power of suggestion? Many restaurants do, but in your service business, you might have overlooked it. At payment time, you should always have an upsell suggestion at the ready. “Would you like a ____ or a gift certificate for someone on your list?” is only the beginning.

  1. Set up a Free Gift with Purchase

This promotion alone nets those beauty product companies thousands of dollars. Come up with one incentive with purchase and start offering it today.

  1. Add-ons

Have a list of add-ons for every service purchase, and make them quick and easy. “For only $10 more, you can add on XYZ service. Would you like to do that?”

  1. Make it as easy as possible to Book & Purchase, Online, 24/7

Forget the early bird — target the night owl. Every December a crowd develops online, even up to the very last minute, right up to the hour of gift-giving. According to SpaBoom, 50% of instant gift certificate sales occur during the 48 hours just before Christmas. More than half of holiday gift sales take place online within a week of the 25th. Capitalize on these spur-of-the-moment sales by making your gift certificates and treatment bookings available through a single click of the mouse.

Be sure to promote gift certificate specials linked to your Online Booking, in newsletters and on your website ASAP, and consider sending reminders as time begins to run out.

  1. Reward the purchaser

In December, everyone’s buying gifts, but they are also feeling the stress of the holidays and welcome any suggestion to “gift” themselves in the process. Creating promotions to encourage gift, and gift certificate sales can be a win-win strategy for your business. Give consumers a reason to buy gift certificates from you and not your competitors using coupons or free products as incentives. For example, a coupon for 15% off your next visit with the purchase of a gift certificate will promote holiday gift sales as well as future business, marketing your services to both the recipient and the purchaser.

Use the holiday season to boost your revenue for the entire year.  Use gift certificate sales and promotional service add-ons to help build cash-flow and add appointments for the slower winter months of January and February.

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