6 Actionable Tips To Help You Improve Customer Engagement Through A Knowledge Base

This is a guest post by Robin Singh.

Building a strong relationship with customers has become a major focus of every business nowadays. If you want to improve your ROI, you need to build valuable connections with your clients. However, not every business manages to achieve that.

Today, when customer experience is one of the biggest business selling points, it becomes imperative for organizations to improve customer engagement in order to drive good growth. Hence the reason why businesses are implementing knowledge management tools.

Having that in mind, here are some tips to focus on that will ensure significantly better customer engagement through a knowledge base.

1. Use A Knowledge Base As A Central Information Archive

Implementing knowledge base software as the main resource of information will save both your support agents and your customers valuable time. If your agents are well-trained to use a knowledge base tool effectively, you will avoid many potential problems.

For instance, your customers will no longer be frustrated about waiting long durations for you to respond, you won’t be giving completely different solutions by various support agents regarding the same problem, and your agents won’t be required to write the same responses to your customers whenever the same issue occurs.

2. Make an awesome and engaging knowledge base

The major difference between a great and a completely basic online knowledge base is in the approach you chose to introduce the content to the customers. If your aim is to make your customers relate to your brand directly, you have to focus on more than just sharing information and keeping the right structure of your content.

The emphasis should be put on creating appealing content that is presented in a way to be easily remembered and recognized. Chances are your customers won’t be willing to waste too much time on searching the information they need. The more they look for answers, the less they will be interested to engage with your brand.

Luckily, if you create a great knowledge base, your customers will be provided with everything they might be in need of, and the process of presenting relevant content to them will be considerably facilitated.

3. Use it to personalize the information

It is recommended to choose a software which will enable the personalization of the content that’s based on various criteria: language, location, account type, and past interactions. This will make your knowledge base more relevant to your customers.

A great knowledge management solution is supposed to enable integration with different tools used by your customer support, with the goal to help you get a more clear insight so that you can effortlessly identify your target audience and thus, create relevant content.

4. Provide customers with thorough facts and actionable answers

When a customer asks a question, most people would direct them to the relevant information. Although that may seem completely sufficient, think again! A knowledge base will let you do so much more, and in a better way.

By using knowledge base software, you can include calls-to-action to your regular answers. This will provide your customers with adequate help for their problems, and that will motivate them to have more trust in you, and feel safe and valuable. Ultimately, you will not only be solving your customer’s doubts, but also increase the possibility of them accepting your offers.

5. Introduce a comment section

Although the majority of people are already acquainted with all the amazing benefits a good knowledge base solution has, as well as the ways it can help their customers, many are still not completely aware of the full potential this powerful tool has to offer.

Knowledge base software can serve as a great online documentation solution, but why stop there when you can make it become a whole community? Adding a comment section may seem like a basic step but it will take your knowledge base to a whole new level, making it an interactive and educational network.

By doing this, your customers will be provided with relevant information and they will also get a chance to discuss topics relevant to them and give feedback. This kind of interaction can be quite meaningful to your business in the long run.

In addition, it will save lots of time and give you the information you would normally have to acquire by surveys and research.

6. Be sure to update your knowledge base on a regular basis

If you want your online knowledge base to serve as a valuable resource in maintaining your customers’ satisfaction, you should work on it. If you perform regular updates, relevant editing and revise the content, its efficiency will be improved in a significant way.

Adequate maintenance is essential because it requires a large number of your employees to participate and that can sometimes increase the possibility of making a mistake, and you certainly want to avoid anything that may lead to misinforming your customers.

If you want your knowledge base to really enhance your support service, you shouldn’t stick to the first provider you stumbled upon. In fact, efforts should be put into finding a tool that will improve upon the customer experience and offer features that other tools lack.

Having a manageable and functional knowledge base brings satisfaction to both your customers and your whole company. Following these simple steps will ensure you with a great knowledge base everyone will benefit from!

Author Bio: Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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