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7 Tips to Make Your Life As A Private Teacher Easier

Teaching isn’t easy.

Teaching privately adds an entire dimension on top of it all; not only do you have to teach well, but you also have to manage the administrative side of your business.

Here are 7 tips to make life as a private teacher easier.

1. Take Notes On Each Class

Speak to any private teacher and we guarantee they will advise you to take notes during your tutoring sessions.

This is helpful for a few different reasons:

  • Taking notes of both weaknesses and strengths (and then working through those problems) ensures that students see maximum return from their lessons.
  • Taking note of various interests that students may have also helps build rapport; it can also be helpful for those teaching language lessons as topics can serve as a great conversation starter.
  • It also allows you to tailor your lessons around their interests for a more individualized approach that can be both beneficial and enjoyable. For instance, if a student is going to be studying psychology next year, you can create assignments based around the topic.

2. Use Teacher Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is a powerful addition to a private teacher’s life, automating the scheduling process, generating more clients for your business and much more.

  • It Takes Care of Scheduling For You

As a business owner, you likely spend a lot of time managing schedules. Scheduling software takes care of all of your scheduling for you.

First and foremost, it allows your students to book time slots online (but only at specific times you set). Yocale also allows you to take appointment “requests,” which means that students can book at times they want but gives you final approval first.

You can set up repeat classes in your scheduler as well.

It even sends out automated appointment reminders to remind students of their upcoming sessions with you.

Yocale’s calendar also has a feature called “no-gap scheduling” to optimize your calendar by minimizing unproductive gaps of time (while allowing you to schedule appropriate transition times).

The result? Maximum profits.

Further, if you want to block time off, such as a vacation or for holidays, schedulers will allow you to do that, too.

It can also sync with other your personal calendars so that you’re always in the know.

  • Generate More Clients For Your Business

Scheduling software can also generate more clients for your business, which it does in a few different ways. First, it connects you with its marketplace, which allows people searching for classes like yours (using the scheduler) to book your services.

In general, teacher scheduling software also generates more clients for your business by effectively keeping your business open 24/7. When people are searching, closing the deal right then and there helps seal the deal.

Remember, people are wired to take the path of least resistance; when you introduce obstacles into the purchasing process, you reduce the likelihood of actually closing the deal.

  • Manage All of Your Notes in One System

Another benefit of a scheduling software is that it can act as a mini-CRM (client management system). Simply put, it allows you to take notes in the system and keeps them safe.

Some teachers, for instance, take notes of what their students need to work on.

  • More Easily Manage the Administrative Side Of Your Business

The administrative side of your teaching business takes up a lot of unnecessary time (or adds to your expenses if you pay someone to take care of the books for you).

Some scheduling software, however, such as Yocale, comes with a point of sale system built into it, allowing you to easily bill/invoice your clients, including the ability to accept payments online.

3. Make Your Students Come to You

Travel can add a lot of unnecessary stress into your day. Furthermore, it also reduces your available teaching time.

To make your life as a private teacher easier, try to make as many of your students come to you. This simplifies your life and gives you more time to see more clients.

Online classes are also becoming increasingly popular and can be a great way to reduce unnecessary travelling time.

4. Make Sure Students Have Completed Their Homework BEFORE Their Session

As a teacher, you naturally want your students to see results from their time with you. You want your classes to be valuable. You don’t want them to leave unsatisfied.

Ensuring that students have completed their homework BEFORE their tutoring session (or at the very least, ensuring that they bring some homework with them) will minimize unproductive tutoring sessions.

5. Consider Having Students Send You Their Work Ahead of Time

In some cases, especially for new teachers, it can be a good idea to have students send you their homework in advance of their class for the simple reason that it gives you time to ensure that you have brushed up on the subject.

Again, this can be a worry, especially for new teachers.

6. Always Have Supplies on Hand

Always keep supplies like pencils, pens, paper and calculators on hand as students tend to forget to bring them. Running around trying to find supplies can be frustrating and also cuts into quality time with your students.

And, of course, while students should bring their homework with them, always be prepared in the event that they forget. Have some questions, worksheets or even games available in the event that you have time to spare.

7. Be Flexible

Lastly, make a point to be flexible. Classes may not unfold like you think they will.

For instance, you may be surprised to see how differently schools in the very same area can approach courses.

Similarly, you may have an idea of how you want a lesson to unfold, but you may find that going in an entirely different direction would be more useful.

It’s this flexible approach that will provide a strong foundation to both your students and yourself.

Wrapping It Up

Teaching privately is rewarding but challenging.

Teacher scheduling software is designed to make the administrative side of your business more streamlined so that you can focus on doing more of what you love.

Yocale is home to the leading teacher scheduling software on the market. Our easy-to-use calendar gives you the extra hand to both run and grow your practice at once. Click here to sign up for FREE and get a demo.

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