A Nutritionists Top 10 Favorite Things About Yocale

This is a guest post by Chara Marie

As a nutritionist and trainer, it is crucial that I give my patients my undivided attention. This means I am not answering phone calls or emails during these periods of time. Being able to offer an online booking system has saved me hours of returning phone calls and emails after hours and has me allowed to book more one-on-one time with my clients, which is why I got into this business in the first place.

Aside from saving time playing telephone tag, I’ve compiled my top 10 ways Yocale has helped turn my business into a success in no particular order. My Top 10 Yocale Favs:

1. Fill Last Minute Appointments

I am able to display to the public openings and last minute cancellation slots in my schedule. This means more bookings and more efficient scheduling.

2. Easily Promote My business

Through Yocale, potential clients have an easier time finding my business without having to fork out a fortune on advertising. 

3. 24/7 Bookings

People can book appointments at any hour of the day. My scheduling system on Yocale is available 24/7 meaning I can be gaining business at any hour of the day without increasing my admin duties.

4. Affordable Price

There’s no doubt about it, starting a business is expensive. Yocale has allowed me to have the fantastic benefits of improving my SEO, my google ranking and online booking system all for a very affordable price. 

5. Friendly CRM

Yocale allows me to keep all my client records in one place. No more loose papers, endless documents and searching for lost files. Each client has their own profile which allows me to attach their notes to make it easier to stay organized and on top of my business. 

6. Selling Packages

Lots of my services are based on packages or products so having the ability for my clients to purchase these packages and products is a huge streamlining option for my business. An additional bonus to spending less money on advertising. 

7. Video Conferencing

Not always are my clients and myself located in the same city. Thank goodness for the integrated video conferencing feature through or GoToMeeting which allows me to still offer the personal experience of being with them face to face. Again, offering an additional level of service to my clients and for me a seamless way for me to do it through Yocale’s calendar

8. Re-Booking Reminders

Sometimes clients have to rush out the door after an appointment and we don’t always have time to reschedule. Yocale gives me the option to send them follow up reminders keeping my clients on track and my business flowing. This can be automated and my clients have the ease of booking their next appointment right from my online Yocale calendar.

9. Forms Builder Tool

It’s a competitive world out there and one thing that will give your business a one up on others is recognizing client’s individual needs and identifying that to the client. Yocale gives me ability to attach intake forms to appointments for my new clients and then store these right within the client details along with all the other notes and documents I keep in their file.  This saves time for the client and allows me to easily pull up their profile and be completely caught up before being face to face. Personal touch is everything. 

10. Simple And Friendly Software

The friendly user and headache free experience! Complicated softwares aren’t fun or pleasant to deal with, who’s got time for that anyways? That’s why with Yocale its easy to navigate around and do the things I need to do on a day to day basis.

As you can see not only has Yocale given me the upper hand when it comes to the public finding by business but it has also given me the opportunity and time to be more hands on with my clients and less sitting frustrated in front of piles of paperwork and computer screens. Your business is your passion, it’s what you pour your heart and soul into. So why not give it the boost it needs to get recognized and stay organized? Whether we like it or not, online booking is the way of the future, don’t limit yourself by not offering it to your loyal and potential clients. I couldn’t speak more highly of the software and the people behind it 🙂 

Author Bio: Chara Marie is a registered holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and lifestyle advisor. She helps both men and women, young and old to lead healthier lives and help reach their individual goals. You can follow her newest recipes and fitness routines on her social media on Instagram @chara.marie & Facebook CharaMarie.

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