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Advanced Features

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Resource Management

Streamline your businesses’ resources like massage tables and tanning beds so you are always prepared for every appointment. Manage your resources and make them schedulable in your appointment bookings.

Custom Messaging

Simplify communication with your clients so everyone’s always on the same page by personalizing your notifications and reminders with custom messaging and images.

Yocale Custom client messaging
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Sales Reports

Make the best business decisions quickly and easily by having your scheduler software keep track of your sales information to give you in-depth sales reports.

Business Reports

Get a better picture of your business so that you are always in control with a snapshot view of business, sales, revenues, bookings, and more.
Yocale online scheduling business report
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Inventory Reports

With inventory reports, you get up-to-date data for better and more efficient inventory management. View your top selling products, remaining inventory and more.

Export Reports

View your reports the way you want by exporting them to excel/.csv or pdf. Further breakdown your Yocale reports by bringing your reports into spreadsheet format.
Yocale online scheduling export reports
Yocale online scheduling Zapier integration

Zapier Connection

Automate your workflow and increase productivity by connecting your favourite apps with Yocale + Zapier. Zapier connects you and over 1000 apps to make things work together more harmoniously.

External Calendar Integration

Streamline all of your appointment calendars – never miss an appointment again – by syncing up your calendar with Outlook, Gmail and/or iCal. With 2-way calendar sync available, your calendars have never been this organized.

Yocale online scheduling calendar sync
Yocale online scheduling package creator


Sell a greater volume of services by increasing the value perception of your services via selling in bulk. Also easily track their usage.


You don’t have to be a gym to take advantage of the benefits of memberships, like steady cash flow and more customer loyalty. Keep track of their usage and auto-bill for upcoming membership payments.
Yocale online scheduling membership management
Yocale Online scheduling coupon management


Increase brand awareness and boost profits by setting business coupons for your products or services. Create and set your coupon parameters such as discount amount, max usage or expiration date and more.


Generate more brand awareness and attract highly targeted customers by selling business gift cards for clients to use for your products or services.
Yocale online scheduling gift card management
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Multiple Location management

Streamline the way you manage multiple locations by running all your locations from one single login and calendar.

Encrypted cloud based storage

Worried about a possible data loss disaster? Security threats are on the rise and no business is safe. Work worry free knowing that your data is safe and secure on the Azure network.

Yocale online scheduling Microsoft azure cloud encryption
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Product Management

Streamline the way you manage your products and increase productivity by managing your products, inventory, locations, etc. all from one product management area.

Product Categories

Enhance how your products are organized by sorting your products by categories to keep everything in order.
Free Online Scheduling Software
Free Online Scheduling Software

Inventory Management

Skyrocket your business’s’ efficiency with better inventory management. Get rid of unproductive spreadsheets and always make sure products stay stocked with the most accurate inventory counts of your products.

Inventory Counts Per Location

Stay in control of the inventory at every location (never get caught short!) with inventory counts per location.
Free Online Scheduling Software
Free Online Scheduling Software

Custom Inventory Per Brand

Organize your inventory better by adding in your supplier information. Track individual SKU’s, pricing for easier breakdowns within your inventory reports.
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