Align Your Business With The Right Chiropractic Software

As a Chiropractor, it’s your job to ensure your patients are aligned and leave your clinic with a plan to have their bodies functioning as best they can.

Why shouldn’t you run your business the same way? A business that has aligned tools and a plan will function as best it can.

Whether you are a chiropractor or a chiropractic clinic owner, we believe it is critical you have the best software for your clinic, so you can focus on what is really important – the health of your patients.

To ensure you chose the best software for your chiropractic practice, here are 20 guiding questions to ensure your software can line you up for success:

1. Is online booking software easy to use?

Your clinic’s online booking software should be straightforward and intuitive to use. The software should allow you to create your own calendar, schedule, services, and length of treatments without looking through instructions.

Software should provide a simple way of adding staff, managing your charts, and generating reports without requiring technical support.

2. Can patients book appointments online?

Absolutely! An effective booking software allows patients to request a treatment on a day and time that works for them. This also allows chiropractors to accept, decline or propose new times for appointments without needing to be at their desks.

3. Can online booking software handle unlimited appointments & patients?

Don’t allow your system’s limitations to limit your business. Select a chiropractic booking software that allows unlimited appointments and patients so you can be as busy as you want to be.

4. Does software sync with external calendars?

A well-thought-out booking software will allow chiropractors and their clinics to sync their work and appointment schedule with their other personal and professional calendars.

5. Can it send email and SMS reminders?

Software should have the capacity to automatically sends patients appointment reminders 24 hours prior to treatment by email and SMS.

A function such as this will support your front-desk staff in their efforts to reach and remind patients of their appointments. If your front-desk staff phones patients to remind them of appointments, an online chiropractic booking software can act as a backup, sending email or text reminders in addition to a phone call.

6. What about identifying gaps in our schedule? 

20 minutes between treatments? No longer a problem. Prevent your time from being wasted by ensuring your software has a “no-gap” scheduling option that can detect gaps in your schedule and present patients with your optimal booking times.

7. What about patients who have reoccurring appointments?

The right chiropractic software will allow patients to book in again and again. An effective software should allow appointments to be easily inputted while supporting client’s loyalty and return rate to your clinic.

8. Can you chart confidentially? 

This is essential! Online booking software for chiropractors must provide the opportunity for therapists to input client charts and notes, confidentially and securely. The software must also be securely encrypted to guarantee patient confidentiality.

9. Are patients able to book appointments on the go? 

The right chiropractic software should allow you and your patients to book, update and revise information while on the go.

Whether you need to adjust your clinic’s working hours over a long weekend, or your clients want to see what chiropractor is available first thing the next morning, it’s important both you and your patients can be connected to your clinic when needed.

10. If a client books an appointment from their mobile, does the system keep their information? 

It is essential that your patients and customers have the ability to book appointments from their smartphones at anytime and from anywhere, without losing information.

An effective clinic software should store information for you on a cloud. This gives you the confidence that information stays updated and you don’t risk losing critical client details when you’ve entered it on the go.

11. Can the software grow with my business? 

As your chiropractic clinic and practice grows, you want to ensure your booking software can handle it. Be sure the software you choose can easily add and remove staff, change and add locations, and update hours and services offered.

12. How can a chiropractic software support business development?

Business development is key to any clinic owner who wants to keep their chiropractors busy and their patients happy. Select a software that sends friendly reminders to patients throughout the year, reminding them when they haven’t booked a treatment recently.

This is a great feature for clinics and practitioners who care about retaining patients and maintaining steady clientele for their practice.

13. What is an online marketplace? Can it help my chiropractic business? 

Wouldn’t it be great if your practice got noticed while someone booked an appointment with a massage therapist? An online marketplace acts as a virtual referral to your business. Think of it as if a local massage therapist was carrying your business card at their front desk for their clients to see. A marketplace does just that, virtually.

Online booking software like Yocale, allow businesses to have visibility with patients as they book appointments in other industries. Another great opportunity for business development and growth in your community!

14. Is the software accessible, 24/7?

Your chiropractic clinic is not likely to be open 24/7. That would be unexpected and unreasonable. However, that does not mean it’s unexpected or unreasonable that your business is accessible 24/7!

Patients should have the ability book an appointment at 6:00am when they first wake up or on Saturday evening at 9:00pm. Whenever they want to check for an appointment or learn what doctors are available at your clinic, they should be able to have access to that information.

An online booking software that is available to you and your patients whenever it suits their schedule puts your clinic and practice ahead of facilities that are only available between 9:00-5:00pm.

15. Is it possible to provide staff profiles for our patients?

Yes! Most often, patients book their appointments with people, not times. Your clinic’s software should allow for patients to see what chiropractors are available, learn about their experience and their expertise. This allows customers to decide who they feel most comfortable booking with.

16. Is it possible to provide patient profiles for our staff?

Yes! Eliminate the need for paper files and updating charts by hand. Your clinic should allow chiropractors to create confidential client charts and profiles.

Never worry about paper files being lost, or thumbing through sheets to find the patient information you need. Your chiropractic clinic’s software should handle all that for you, securely.

17. Can a software provide automatic invoices?

This is one of the most desirable features of moving your business online. Enabling chiropractors, front-desk staff to move from one patient to the next without having to worry about sending invoices after treatments. Online booking softwares should automatically send invoices to allow for everyone to spend more time on important work.

18. Is the technical support and help centre accessible? 

If you need help with your software, make sure it’s available to you when you need it. If you or your colleagues have questions about your chiropractic software, updating your information, or working through a glitch, make sure you can speak, email and chat to a software professional to get your problem solved.

19. Business reports and dashboards are important to our business. Can a software help with that?

We understand it’s important to understand your business, easily. Chiropractor clinic owners should choose an online booking software that allows them to have insights into their business.

Recognizing how many appointments your clinic has booked or how many patients have viewed your staff’s profile are valuable tools to succeeding and growing your business.

20. Your Business Becomes More Accessible.

Remember, by implementing an online booking platform for your business, your chiropractic clinic immediately becomes more accessible to new patients. Whether they are looking for a new doctor or have moved to the area and looking for a chiropractor closer to home, by putting your clinic online allows more people to find you, more often.

If your chiropractic practice or clinic is interested in adopting an advanced, user-friendly system to better your patient’s experience while growing your business, get in touch with us! We would love to help ensure your business aligns with your practice.

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