5 Powerful Ways Online Scheduling Works as Online Marketing

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Appointment requestsThere are many ways to approach online marketing.  There are many ways to advertise and optimize to build your website traffic and increate the search engine ranking and optimization of your website to drive more customers to your business.  Although adding an online booking seems like only a tool or a widget for your website, it actually has some pretty significant online marketing benefits.

When you can make life easier to your potential clients to buy and book appointments with you online AND then you get the extra benefit of additional online marketing and SEO power, it’s easy to see why it’s a great choice for you and your business.

Here are 5 Ways Online Scheduling works as an Online Marketing tool in addition to everything else you’re doing.

  1. Web Presence

    An online booking service that gives you and your company an additional profile page with all your business and scheduling information listed becomes a second website that is working hard, building your name and your brand.  Basically it doubles your effect in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because now when people enter a search, you have 2 listings to show in their results which will definitely increase the chances of being selected.

  2. User–Experience (UX).

    Modern trends show that a potential customer’s experience (UX) on your website is now your most important part of marketing.  If a customer gets frustrated or confused within 8 seconds, they most likely will leave.  Making it easy for your customers to learn about you and your services and products and then book right away is online marketing at it’s best.  The easier it is for your customers to use your website and  the more likely they will.

  3. Every Online Booking = Website Traffic.

    With online booking, instead of just going to your website once to find your information, now whenever your clients book with you, they come to your site and increase your site traffic.  A busy website gets listed higher on google than a lonely page full of beautiful images. With an online scheduling link, you’re sending your customers to your website instead of your phone.  Phone calls don’t increase your page rank, website visits to book appointments do.  As Google, and all other search engines see it, the more traffic your site gets, the more valuable it is.  When customers are coming to your domain, they are building your online web reputation. [bctt tweet=”Phone calls don’t increase your page rank, website visits to book appointments do. ” username=”yocalenetwork”]

  4. Social Media Sharing Links

    With an online booking link, you have an action-based link to share in social media.  When you make it easy for your customer to share their experience with a direct link right to your booking page is a lot more powerful then sharing a link to your home page.  This direct access they are giving to their network allows their contacts to immediately book with you and can greatly increase website conversions.  Get client referrals to book appointments quickly, while they are still warm with interest!

  5. Collecting Verified Reviews 

    Reviews are SEO and online marketing gold. When you collect them you now have fresh, influencial data for search engines and your potential customers to see.  When you’re collecting reviews from all your clients automatically and then sharing them this creates fresh content without effort that’s building your brand and reputation.

As you can see, even just the simple act of adding online booking or appointment requests to your website has a huge impact on your online marketing. If you don’t have this option for your clients you may be losing these additional customers and the free SEO building value.

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One Response

  1. My son’s school is considering using online scheduling services for their parent-teacher conferences, and I was curious how this would help the school’s website. It’s interesting because the school isn’t looking to market services so much, but I think doing online scheduling will help a lot of the parents know that the school has online resources for them to use. Like you said, too, doing this will allow people to share the site on social media for more views and easier access. I think if my son’s school had that happening, the community would be much more informed on how the school is running. I hope they implement this new system!