12 Benefits of Appointment Email & SMS Reminders

How To Maximize Your Profits With Rebooking Reminders

How many times in a year do you estimate you forget an appointment? Your day gets too busy; you forgot to write down when you were scheduled, only to realize your appointment time came and went without thinking of it.

What about as a business owner? How many times throughout the year do your clients and patrons forget an appointment?

As a patron, the honest mistake of missing an appointment can be overlooked, but not as a business owner. Missed appointments are missed opportunities for income and repeat customers.

There are several manual ways business owners can remind clients of their upcoming appointments: postcards, phone calls and hand-crafted emails. However, while you’re hands-on working on your appointment reminders, who is hands-on in your business?

We encourage all forward-thinking businesses looking to improve their efficiency with customer relations by implementing an online software that allows for appointment email and SMS reminders.

Here Are 12 Short And Sweet Reasons You Should Use Email And SMS Reminders For Your Business:

1. One less item on your checklist

As a business owner, we know you’re busy, and your list of tasks are endless. Having a software that takes care of your appointment reminders for your clients, takes one less task off your checklist.

2) Spend Less Time On The Phone

Business owners can spend less time on the phone with clients, talking with them about their upcoming appointment. By sending an email reminder or text reminder, clients get the information they need without taking up your valuable time.

3) Less Time, Equals More Money

The less effort you need to spend reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments, the more time you can spend focusing on your clients during their appointments. Whether your business is a nail salon, chiropractor’s office or automobile mechanic, sending appointment reminders to your clients will free-up time for you and your clients so you can focus on customer relations and your money making responsibilities.

4) Avoid Disruptions

If you’re in the middle of helping a customer, interrupting your service to answer the phone is not great practice for customer service. Another benefit to implementing email and SMS reminders to your business is that your service won’t be disrupted with clients returning your reminder calls.

5) No More No Shows! 

Business owners carefully consider their staffing and scheduling for the week, based on the number of appointments they have.

Having email reminders and SMS reminders is crucial in earning money, and preventing lots opportunities because a client forgot when their appointment was.

6)  Cancellations Are Made, Rather Than Forgotten

Sending appointment reminders through text message or email will not only notify customers of their appointments but make it easier to cancel in a timely fashion, if needed.

Your system’s automatic appointment reminders will provide an email or phone number to contact if they need to cancel so customers can get in touch with you, easily.

7 ) Know Who Isn’t Coming Ahead Of Time

If a customer has to cancel or rebook their appointment, wouldn’t it be great to be notified 24 to 48 hours ahead of time? Software that sends out appointment reminders, provides you time to fill that appointment with someone on your wait list.

The more notice you have, the more time you have to fill gaps in your schedule and make room for new customers.

8) Keep Track Of Who Is Cancelling Their Appointments

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there are always clients who repeatedly no-show, cancel or try to rebook their appointments last minute. Implementing automatic email and SMS reminders allows you to track how often a customer cancels.

Collecting information about your clients is a critical part of understanding your business, and this includes knowing which of your customers are unreliable and unpredictable.

9) Email And SMS Reminders Are Client Friendly

Similar to how you don’t want your work being disturbed by client calls, with email and SMS appointment reminders, your clients will won’t be disrupted during their day to answer your calls.

The benefits of implementing an online management software with appointment reminders, does not just benefit your business, but benefits your customers as well.

10) On-The-Go Reminders From Anywhere At Anytime

Not all customers spend their days near a phone or by a computer. Email and SMS reminders alert your clients of upcoming appointments to their mobile devices, wherever they are.

The same benefit works for you as the service provider. If your client responds to their appointment reminder asking to cancel, you as the business owner also receive notification on-the-go.

11)  Develop A Relationship With Your Clients 

Building a relationship with your clients is one of the best ways to ensure repeat business and customer loyalty.

Email and SMS reminders help create consistency and reliable customer service to your clients while requiring little manual work from you!

12) Grow And Detail Your Client’s Profile

Whether you have a client who cancels their appointments last minute or customers who book appointments months in advance, your online appointment software can include this information in a client’s profile.

Knowing the habits of your business’s existing clients is just as important as learning about new clients to help with your company’s growth.

Every day, more companies are introducing online software to their business that provide clients with email and SMS appointment reminders.

Electronic reminders are a great addition to businesses focused on customer service. By freeing up valuable time, documenting appointment habits and growing strong client relationships, you and your staff will be able to focus on the details and profit turning operations of your business.

Less time on the phone calling clients or fiddling with paperwork means more time for building your business, improving the customer service, and enhancing your client’s experience.

If you’re interested in implementing an efficient and effective software that supports appointment reminders, get in touch with us. We’d love to help your business become better.

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