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Client Notifications And Reminders

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Stop Losing Money From No-Shows

When customers fail to show up for an appointment, they waste your time and hurt your bottom-line. Yocale’s unlimited email and text (SMS) message notifications and reminders will reduce the number of forgotten or missed appointments. Our customers have seen an 80% reduction in no-shows.

Reduce No Shows By 70-80%

No-shows are never good for business any way you look at it. They cause a domino effect, wasting your time in the immediate moment (time that is generally lost forever) and causing more scheduling issues in the future. They cost a staggering amount of loss for businesses each and every year. Some estimates put this number at $150,000 for single physicians and even more for offices with multiple doctors.

We’ve said it before, but we will say it again – time is money and businesses must use their time as efficiently as possible. That means ensuring that reminders are part of your regular business practice. But not just any kind of reminders – smart reminders.

Reduce Staff Time On Phones By 80%

There are smart reminders and there are the kind of reminders that are simply taking up too much of your business’s time, energy and resources. If your staff is manually making calls to remind your clients about upcoming appointments and then calling again when they don’t show up, let us tell you: there is a much smarter way to go about it. Yocale’s client notifications and reminders are automated so that your staff has more time to spend on high value items. Our notifications reduce staff time on phone by as much as 80%.

Yocale has mastered the tools necessary for appointment-based businesses to succeed. Yocale is all about powering businesses in the smart way – that is, driving results behind the scenes, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Start Free, We’ll Grow With Your Business

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or you’re a well-established business looking for the perfect scheduling calendar, Yocale keeps you covered. An Essentials plan is free for life, which includes unlimited appointments, appointment requests, services, and up to 5 staff members. To take advantage of SMS/text reminders, recurring appointments, secure treatment notes, marketing campaigns and other additional features, the Grow, Pro & Ultimate Plansare in place for you.

Join us and let us show you how easy it can be to Get Discovered and Get Booked with Yocale.

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