Company Highlight: The Face Studio

Tuyen Nguyen, founder and owner of The Face Studio, provides tips for managing a business and growing your clientele, emphasizing the importance of customer service, consistency, and professional marketing. She also recommends outsourcing tasks and using an online booking system.

The highly reviewed The Face Studio, based in Surrey, British Columbia, has been providing cosmetic tattooing and skin revision services for over 15 years. Cosmetic tattooing has been revolutionizing traditional makeup application with its hassle-free nature.

Today we interview The Face Studio’s founder and owner, Tuyen Nguyen. She has become a trusted source for cosmetic tattooing, known for being an expert in her field while being efficient and making clients feel comfortable along the way.


In this blog post, we’ll cover her recipe for success as well as tips for managing a business and growing your clientele. 


Yocale: What do you believe has contributed to your success?

The Face Studio: “I believe there are several things that have contributed to my success. First and foremost, I believe that consistency from day one has helped as well as diligence and being part of every small task from the ground up.

Customer service has also been important, particularly our quick response time and accessibility for answering questions post-treatment. We create a safe space with open dialogue from the moment of consultation to the moment clients are healed.

Investing in professional marketing – brochures, business cards and web design has also been important.”


Yocale: What lessons have you learned that every business owner should know (even if they are outside of the beauty industry)?

The Face Studio: “Although I contribute part of our success to the fact that I was involved in every small task from the ground up, I also knew when to outsource (although, in some cases, I wish I had done it sooner). The important lesson is you don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s absolutely okay to outsource, whether it’s accounting, administration/assistant roles or marketing (from website design and maintenance to social media, trade shows and event planning).

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize what your time is worth. Outsourcing the services above allows more time to provide 100% attention to providing services and client care.”


Yocale: Why was online booking a necessity for you? And why did you switch to Yocale in particular?

The Face Studio: “We needed to minimize administrative time in order to leave more time to provide physical services. We switched to Yocale because it offered more up-to-date features compared to the old system we had been using, including digital release forms, pre-care and post-care sheets as well as the ability for clients to manage their appointment details and even reschedule via the client portal.”


Yocale: What benefits have you seen since using a booking system/Yocale? What are your favorite features (and why)?

The Face Studio: “One of the biggest benefits of using Yocale has been that we’ve been able to spend less time scheduling appointments as clients can see real-time availability (which could change daily).

My favorite features have been the automatic confirmation emails and text messages and the client portal wherein clients can manage their appointments on their own. Both of these features save us a lot of administrative time.”


Yocale: Did you do anything, in particular, to help clients get used to booking online?

The Face Studio: “I either created their client profiles for them or walked them through the process of setting up their profiles and how to schedule their own appointments over the phone.”


Yocale: What tips do you have for better managing a business?

The Face Studio: “My biggest tips for better managing a business would be to stay organized (Yocale can help with that!) and don’t be afraid to ask for help. In line with that, don’t hesitate to outsource tasks that you don’t have time to do.”


Yocale: What tips do you have for growing your clientele?

The Face Studio: “When it comes to growing your clientele, we have seen a lot of success with referral programs, seasonal sales and having exhibits at trade shows.”


Yocale: If you could do anything differently this time based on the lessons you’ve learned along the way, what would it be?

The Face Studio: “One of the things that I would have done differently is to hire an accountant (bookkeeper) from day one instead of doing it all myself. I also would have hired a part-time administrator from day one as well.”


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