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The #1 Trend in Salon Marketing


The salon industry is constantly evolving with new products and techniques and it’s essential to running a successful salon that you stay on top of the newest beauty trends.

One surefire hit to staying relevant in the salon industry is to make sure that you are offering your customers the convenience of online booking.

According to Salon Today  “ The virtues of providing your clients an ability to book online (at their leisure) is becoming a must in today’s customer-driven world….”

When calling your salon, clients don’t want to be put on hold or leave a voicemail message and wait for someone to call them back. In today’s digital age – customers want immediate gratification – so why not make sure your Salon is giving it to them by offering online booking!  

Online booking can feel a bit scary, but when you find a simple, easy to use solution, it becomes a versatile accessory to improve your customers’ experience and complement your business!

A recent study showed that 90% of consumers said they want to discover and connect with you from any place, on any device, at any time when “they” find it convenient.  

Don’t think of online booking as detaching yourself from the booking process, it is not there to replace phone call appointments, as some clients may still prefer to call you and when they do you enter it online, keeping all appointments in one central place!   

Approach online booking as a tool to enhancing customer service by providing your clients the choice and convenience to book with you at any time from any device when they find it convenient, you are making appointment scheduling with your salon easier!   

There are several factors that go into salon scheduling.  Not all salon appointments will take the same amount of time and it isn’t as simple as sticking a person’s name on a calendar.  Yocale has designed a fully customizable scheduler to meet your specific salon’s requirements.  Our scheduler allows you to create individual schedules with different time amounts allocated for specific services at the times you want them available. You have the option to show the cost of each service as well as highlight and promote specific services that are your salon’s specialty or new services that you are offering.

Just like you, your customers are busy!access-your-appointment-calendar-from-anywhere

Many customers don’t think about or remember to book an appointment until a salon is closed.  In fact, 35% of appointments booked on Yocale are made after business hours.  What happens at 10 o’clock at night when your client realizes they need to get in to see you – they phone, leave a message and now your left playing phone tag ….wasting the time of your staff and your client trying to book an appointment that could have taken 30 seconds online.

No-shows are a problem for most salon owners, every no-show is a loss in revenue. In attempts to reduce no-shows, salon staff usually make appointment reminder calls, which is very time-consuming and generally results in leaving voicemails messages which can easily be missed or not heard by clients.

When appointments are booked online, every client will receive either an email or text message reminder for their upcoming appointment with your salon. Text messages are extremely effective as we live in a smartphone world where people check their text messages several times a day. Automatic reminders reduce the time your staff spends on the phone but more importantly, results in salons show it also reduces expensive no-shows by 80%.

Yocale isn’t just about letting customer’s book appointments with you online, our system provides powerful tools to manage your salon efficiently, enhance customer experience and acquire new customers. When you join our local business marketplace, your salon profile becomes a part of our online marketplace linking your business to thousands of customers that are looking for open appointments with local businesses, by promoting, matching and connecting you based on your availability and services!

Online booking also helps better connects you with your clients! Every client has an individual profile where you can track their appointment history, payments, tips and taxes, keep important customer notes, attach files and pictures securely online.

Yocale also provides additional tools for social media and marketing that allow you to keep a constant stream of online communication with your clients extending your interaction with them.  Whether you are sending your clients’ reminders to book their next appointment, promoting specials or letting clients know about new products or services your salon is offering, the increase in communication will ensure your salon is booking more appointments and growing your business.

Online Booking is transforming the way salons are doing business. Implementing it your salon will:

    • Enhance customer experience
    • Acquire new customers
    • Increase efficiency by saving time for your staff and customers  
    • Keep your schedule filled
    • Reduce no-shows by 80%
    • Securely manage and track your clients all online
  • Increase revenue

Keep your salon on trend, join Yocale today!

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  1. With the busy lifestyle that everyone has today, online booking can make personal grooming less stressful.