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Boost Your Online Reputation With Automated And Verified Reviews

If you run a service-based business, the chances are that you’re firmly committed to providing your clients with only the most exceptional service. Merely attending to the needs of your customers isn’t enough – instead, you and your staff strive to set the bar even higher.

As it turns out, there are some major advantages to going above and beyond for your customers. Not only are satisfied clients more likely to become frequent patrons – but they’re also much more likely to become your strongest marketing asset!

Why? Well, as research suggests, the satisfaction of your customers is infectious.

Few business-side marketing campaigns are as effective as frequent and good old-fashioned praise from happy customers.

However, relying solely on your customers to spread the word isn’t the best way to capitalize on your past success. Instead, letting your customers speak for you via reviews is far more effective.

After all, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And with trust on your side, you can expect to see your client base and bookings skyrocket.

That said, not all online review destinations out there are designed to work in your favour. Many community-driven business review sites can quickly become inundated with fake and often slanderous reviews, which don’t work to portray your business in a positive light.

Instead, collecting real and verified reviews from your customers is the way to go – and with Yocale, it has never been easier.

Let’s take a look!

Garner Favour And Turn Heads

Boosting your online reputation works two ways.

For one, it demonstrates that you care about the wellbeing of your current customers. By requesting their feedback and giving them a “voice,” they’ll feel that their time and opinions are valued.

Remember that with software like Yocale, review requests are sent automatically after an appointment concludes, so you won’t have to remember to remind them to leave a review yourself. More on this later!

Secondly, bolstering your online reputation with verified reviews entices new customers by giving them insights into your services from the perspective of a clientnot a business owner.

Why? Well, take the average business’s website, for example. It’s probably chock-full of compelling details and flattering photos that are interwoven with the explicit purpose of representing that business in an upstanding manner.

And while it’s undoubtedly essential to present your business professionally online, research suggests that it’s actually the customers who are largely responsible for “sealing the deal” and convincing others to become patrons of a select business.

You’ve probably seen testimonials or customer reviews posted all over business websites in the past, and it’s because – plain and simple – they work. The effectiveness and persuasiveness of third-party feedback is part of the phenomenon of social proofing, which is the idea that we, as consumers, are driven to engage in what others are endorsing.

Social proofing is a powerful marketing device, and if used correctly, it can be extremely effective in swaying prospective customers your way. And as it turns out, online reviews and social proofing work excellently hand-in-hand!

Drive Site Traffic And Conversions

Today’s tech-driven climate has made it essential for businesses of all kinds to achieve online visibility. Without an online presence, businesses could be losing out on a significant chunk of prospective clients.

Take, for example, the fact that 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses online. Without an adequately cultivated web presence, you can’t expect to reach those consumers – but you can bet that your competitors will!

After all, having a dedicated website for your business is like having your doors open 24/7. With a website, customers can browse your services and read-up on your details, even well past closing time.

Many businesses without their own websites end up having some online representation through community-driven services like Yelp, which is certainly a start.

However, these sites don’t often represent your business in the most favourable light. They might contain unflattering or even fraudulent reviews that turn away potential clients rather than enticing them.

Simply put – your business needs to look its best, both offline and online. And that’s where verified reviews really shine.

With Yocale’s Verified Reviews, you can build your web presence while also presenting your business in the best possible light.

Because Yocale is automatically optimized for search engines, anyone searching for your business will likely be directed to your Yocale Verified Reviews page. Once they arrive, they’ll be able to get acquainted with the real enthusiasm of your actual customers.

With Verified Reviews, you get to choose what reviews you’d like to showcase and endorse. Let the praise of your clients speak volumes and fill your work schedule with appointments like never before!

Provide Deeper Insights Into The Specialities Of Your Staff

Every business is unique – and as such, illuminating the distinctive strengths and specializations of your business is a powerful marketing tactic.

Typically, most businesses have short descriptions of their services on their websites akin to what you’d see on a restaurant menu.

Unfortunately, these brief write-ups often fail to convey the full depth of these services effectively – nor do they acknowledge the specialized approaches of the staff. And ultimately, a lacklustre presentation in this area can lead to unrealized conversions and future profits.

Successfully selling your users on your services is the name of the game – and with Yocale’s Verified Reviews, your loyal customers can do your job for you by articulating what makes your business so special.

With Yocale, your users can filter customer reviews by individual staff members – something services like Yelp and Google Reviews don’t allow. This way, your prospective clients (or current ones!) can gather details and get insights into the distinctive skills of each of your staff members.

In a few minutes of browsing through a business’s Verified Reviews with Yocale, a user might discover that Sally specializes in deep-tissue massage and that she’s cordial and chatty. Or, they might determine that Sam’s two-hour RMT session is probably their best choice for a first-time service.

Ultimately, Verified Reviews allow your customers to familiarize themselves with your staff and their specialties before even stepping through the door. Verified Reviews bridge the gap between business and customer by embracing what makes your business unique and expressing that clearly through the voices of your loyal patrons.

How It Works

Getting started with Verified Reviews is nearly effortless and requires very little technological know-how. Once you’ve set up your business with Yocale, here’s how the automated review request process works.

As you’ll likely find – beyond verifying the reviews yourself, there’s very little extra work to be done!

  1. After their appointment concludes, your customer will be sent an electronic receipt automatically via email.
  2. Their receipt will also include a friendly request for a review, which they can complete via a link to Yocale’s review platform.
  3. Upon clicking the link, your customer can leave a star rating or provide detailed feedback via the comments box.
  4. If a client has opted not to receive email receipts, they’ll receive a “How Was Your Appointment?” email instead with an identical link.
  5. Once you’ve verified the review, it will appear on your Yocale Reviews Page. Because review requests are only sent out to real clients, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent reviews!

Boosting your online reputation with Verified Reviews is a sure-fire way to drive profits and keep your business booked. And with Yocale, it’s never been easier to let the enthusiasm of your loyal customers speak loudly!

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