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Build a Smart Small Business Marketing Strategy for Skyrocketing Profits

How many times have you wondered if your small business marketing could perform better?

Have you been curious about all the amazing effects of knowledge base management and live chat for sales on customer engagement strategies?

Have you been investigating examples of marketing strategies that do wonders, not feeling ready to implement them?

If your answer to these questions is ’yes’, we think it’s high time you started to work on the creation of your perfect strategy.

Even though it may seem way too challenging owed to your budget or workforce limitations, don’t feel intimidated. Just make sure to understand and follow some of the ground rules that will make the entire process less complicated and more successful. Stay with us and master the essence of all fruitful customer engagement strategies. Hint: Using a live chat software helps!

Strengthen Your Marketing System

The global market has been significantly dependent on the Internet for years now. So, to be able to perform better in the modern, Internet-driven business environment, you should try to keep up with dominant online trends as much as you can. And this especially applies to the marketing sector and its organization. That’s why we’re showing you some important tips that can help you strengthen your marketing system organization and make you more competitive.

#1 Create a Clear & Powerful Brand Identity

If you’re working on improving your brand reputation, make sure to do it from the core. To be able to create an amazing marketing strategy that will let you connect with your audience, you need to:

  • create an engaging brand background that people can relate to;
  • create a logo and visual identity that suit your brand.

You should have in mind that the creation of appealing visuals is one of the essential factors of having the audience remember your brand. So, make it unique, unconventional, and memorable.

#2 Choose Your Priority Marketing Channel 

Small businesses usually don’t have enough money or workforce to be able to deal with several marketing channels at a time.

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So, instead of wasting energy struggling to manage numerous channels at a time, stay focused on that one that has the potential of making the strongest impact.

No matter whether it’s Facebook page, Instagram account, or website presentation, it’s fundamentally important to focus on your strongest channel and achieve continuity.

#3 Master Search Engine Optimization 

You should be aware that SEO isn’t just about achieving optimal keyword density.

While you may not be able to hire an SEO specialist, you can learn the basics of this tool and improve your knowledge of this process. Mastering SEO is especially important since it can bring you organic traffic, without the need for paying to advertise your business.

#4 Use Google My Business

When it comes to small businesses that tend to serve customers locally, Google My Business is probably among the most useful tools.

What this app does is positioning your business among top search results when people from your area look it up on Google.

This way, customers can get to know your brand more easily. Apart from featuring your main products or services, this tool also shows your best reviews, helping you seem like a reliable, credible brand.

Connect With Customers Using Simple Customer Engagement Strategies

Do you think that all amazing customer engagement strategies are pretty expensive and unaffordable for your small businesses?

customer service small business

Well, there are three easy ways in which you can both strengthen your bond with customers and make some great marketing moves.  They practically don’t require investments, but they do lead to improved performance both in marketing and other segments of your business:

  1. Use live chat software for website to provide timely and proactive support, but also to promote products that are complementary with the ones previously purchased by the specific customer.
  2. Show excellence in what you do. Promise less than you can provide and surprise your customers raising the bar and exceeding their expectations.
  3. Don’t forget to learn from the feedback provided by your customers. They may show you what your weakest points are and help you improve your business with valuable suggestions.
  4. Show appreciation by rewarding your loyal customers with some special offers, discounts, or freebies.

Simple Examples of Marketing Strategies That Help Generate Profits

Now, that we’ve explained how to improve your business’ marketing system in general terms and make it easier to connect with customers, let’s cover some of the most effective yet affordable customer engagement strategies.

#1 Work on Your Content Marketing

First of all, you have to be aware that apart from a good product, you need good accompanying content. No matter whether you decide to write simple blog posts or create multimedia content, it’s high time you started to back up your product and service with added value that will keep your customers.

According to Data Reportal, every month, 400 million people read about 23.7 billion content posts. And this speaks enough about the potential benefits of corporate blogging. You may attract new customers with your blog posts, or motivate existent to stay loyal.

Also, according to the previously cited source, 92% of people scrolling through online content enjoy watching videos online. So, putting some effort into the creation of a high-quality, creative or educational video that will attract your customers’ attention, you will increase your chances of expanding your audience at a relatively low cost.

#2 Increase Your Social Media Visibility

Be careful. Increasing social media visibility does not necessarily mean setting up an account on all social media you’ve heard of. On the contrary!

Social Media icons

In the very beginning of your business story, you should focus on a restricted number of social media platforms. Observe your target audience preferences and limit the number of active social media accounts to one to three, choosing only the social media where your target audience is active the most.

Now that you’ve set up the accounts check out how your competition attracts the audience, and make use of simple tools. Some of these tools are Buffer, which lets you organize posts that you want to publish later, or Canva, which helps easily create appealing visual content. Don’t forget to occasionally use both videos and infographics since people love these types of content.

#3 Promote Testimonial Marketing 

What encourages people the most is to buy a new product and the fact that they’ve heard many great things about it. And that’s precisely what you should focus on when trying to attract them.

Marketing means nothing but to share other people’s positive experiences with your brand. A perfect way and a platform to promote customer testimonials. And it doesn’t cost you a thing! You can create testimonial presentation on your website, share it on social media, or send them as a part of a newsletter to your subscribers.

What matters the most when it comes to this strategy is:

  1. To make it possible for people to get a chance to see the testimonial (you can even activate a paid promotion on social media if you think your business doesn’t have the necessary visibility to reach many people organically)
  2. To only feature and promote testimonials that seem genuine and personal (try to avoid short, generic feedback that doesn’t speak much about your brand)
  3. To make sure previous customers agree that you share their feedback publically

#4 Improve Your Marketing Using Live Chat Software for Website

While its primary purpose is to keep your customers’ satisfaction at a high level, live chat software at the same time represents a valuable marketing asset.

Consistently providing high-quality, thorough, and timely support using live chat support, you’re also making an important marketing move. According to American Express, a satisfied customer will spread the word about your brand to up to 9 new potential customers. And is there a better marketing than the one provoked by an outstanding customer service experience?

Apart from that, live chat for sales can help you effortlessly build your mailing list (which may become an amazing promotional channel!). And, finally, you can also investigate your customers’ opinions and ideas for marketing improvement using short surveys or direct conversation.

#5 Expand Your Target Audience Network by Hiring Micro-Influencers

While it takes a lot of luck to have a super popular celebrity advertise your small business, making collaboration with micro-influencers is neither that difficult nor that expensive. And it can bring great results, having in mind that micro-influencers are said to make a stronger bond with their followers compared to ‘big’ influencers.

target audience small business

To find an ideal micro-influencer, that will be both relevant for your business and interested in working with you, you can:

  1. check your business page followers as you may find an ideal candidate right there: pay attention to their content, number of followers, and the way they engage with their followers;
  2. use some of the tools that help you find the influencers from your niche by filtering them out from a huge database;
  3. directly get in touch with influencers that you consider perfect match and tell them your business story;

Finally, you can also look for them by mingling offline when visiting important industry events. This way, you’ll have a lot of chances to find who you need and try to present your brand in a direct, more convincing way.

Increase Profits With These Awesome Tips For Small Business Owners

As you can see, to be able to increase your profits and make your small business grow, you should pay attention to three important aspects.

First of all, make sure to have a healthy foundation for your marketing activities:

  • Create a flawless brand identity and background story, 
  • Select a dominant marketing channel,  
  • Learn how to perform search engine optimization,
  • Make your business easily reachable using Google My Business.

Secondly, get to know your customers and keep discovering new ways to make them stay loyal to your brand: introduce efficient live chat software for website, provide special offers, and always ask for feedback (it makes customers feel important!).

Finally, observe successful small businesses around you and try to learn from their customer engagement strategies. Their examples of marketing strategies may be a great source of inspiration for your own. For instance, you can work on your content marketing, use live chat software for marketing purposes, present testimonials as promotional material, or hire micro-influencers. It’s up to you!

Author Bio:

Jared Cornell is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers’ queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience. Connect with Jared on Linkedin.

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