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Building a Legal Practice? Legal Calendar Software is a Must

Building a legal practice?

Whether you’re currently solo or just a small firm, legal calendar software can generate more clients, act as case/document management, do billing and a lot more. Legal calendar software can actually accomplish just as much as standard practice management software but often at more economical rates.

This blog post will show you why legal calendar software is a must for those who are building a legal practice or those with a small firm.

1. Generate More Clients

As someone who’s in the process of building a legal practice, increasing your clientele is no doubt at the forefront of your mind.

The good news is that legal calendar software can help. Here’s the thing: scheduling software is much more than a “scheduler.”

Strong legal calendar software will also generate more clients for your business on autopilot.

As a solo business owner, you can’t be everywhere at once, but this software can work behind the scenes while you’re on the front lines.

Here are some of the ways legal calendar software does this:

  • The Marketplace. Some software will connect you to its own marketplace, which connects you to a pool of users who are searching for services like yours.
  • Reserve with Google. Reserve with Google is a revolutionary new way to increase bookings. In a nutshell, it makes it possible for those searching for local services like yours via Google to book (and even pay) straight from Google.

Furthermore, Reserve with Google also gives your business a competitive advantage because this service is only available through select providers (like Yocale).

  • Website and Facebook Bookings. Again, this feature is only available via scheduling software. But the idea here is similar to the above. It makes the booking process convenient. Whenever people land on your website or social media pages, they have the option to be able to book your services right then and there.

2. Complete Case/Document Management

If there’s one thing that lawyers are very acquainted with, it’s their clients and all of the accompanying paperwork.

A strong scheduling software will also act like a mini client relationship management system (CRM), keeping all your notes and files/documents, including medical records, in one system.

3. Automate with Legal Calendar Software

You may feel that you have your practice under wraps with just a couple of clients on your plate. After all, you’re only in the process of building your business.

But, this likely won’t last long. And that’s a good thing.

Scheduling software is designed to automate many aspects of your business (from scheduling to scheduling reminders to invoicing and beyond) so that your business can run on autopilot.

In some cases, it can even reduce the need for additional staff or at the very least, assist them so your practice functions more efficiently.

4. An “All-in-One System = Greatest Value for Emerging Practices

As someone in the early stages of building their business, funds are more likely somewhat limited.

Instead of paying monthly fees for a variety of services, one of the great things about some scheduling software is its ability to be your “one-stop-shop” for everything to do with your business.

Yocale, for instance, handles scheduling, billing/invoicing (with payments that can be made online for faster payment), case/document management, reporting and even marketing, offering the greatest value for a solo and small practices.

5. The Ability to Work From Anywhere

The great thing about a cloud-based scheduling software is that gives you the ability to work from anywhere by being able to access the system via the cloud. Some options even have a mobile app.

Being able to work from anywhere is particularly great for those who may be operating remotely before establishing a permanent office.

Wrapping It Up

Legal calendar software is a smart option for solo and small law firms.

One of the major benefits is its ability to generate more clients for your firm.

However, it can also act as standard practice management software, offering billing, case management, reporting and so on, often at more economical rates.  

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