Can you use Yocale in a Chiropractic Clinic?

After recently attending a large Chiropractor convention, we were able to answer a lot of specific questions regarding our all-in-one clinic management and marketing solution.

Here’s some answers to the FAQ’s we received on how Yocale works in Chiropractic practices.

Q: What devices can I use Yocale on?

A: Yocale is 100% cloud based so it will work on any device with a browser. The preferred browser is Google Chrome.
*and YES,  it works with touchscreen as well!  Yocale will work with a touchscreen the same way as browser would, as it is an internet application. In addition, your clients are able to book with you from the free Yocale mobile app available on android or apple(IOS) devices.

Q: Is it possible to manage the front desk with this programme? (electronic files, payments, newsletters, agenda, schedule, online booking etc. )

A: Yes. Yocale will handle all scheduling and booking matters. You can manage your patients with it. You can attach electronic files to the patient record. You can also do light email newsletters. We do not take payments; however, we can do electronic receipts that can be emailed automatically from the system. In addition, your patients get a secure portal that they can manage their future appointments as well to make changes to existing appointments, write reviews, get a report of their spendings and access their receipts anytime.

Q: Is it possible to get a demo or test version of your system to try out before purchasing?

A: We can arrange for a demo of the system remotely. You can also visit our detailed information page all about our chiropractic clinic management for more info. Please send a quick request via email if you like to see a demo.

Q: Is it possible use Yocale in different languages?

A: The text on your Yocale listing webpage; where people can go and book you, the description of your business and services can all be in any language; however, the application itself is currently in English only.

Q: Does Yocale work in the cloud or is it server-based?

A: 100% true cloud based.

Q: How safe is my business and my client’s data if it’s all cloud based?

A: Yocale uses the same level of encryption as web banking. Information is encrypted when sent between your computer/device and our servers, and from device to device. And no access to patient data remains on your computer or mobile device after you close a window.

Q: Can you help me transfer my existing practice data into your system?

A: Yes! We’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  Our technical team can help you get up and running.  All you’ll need to do is provide your existing client data and we’ll import it for you. Whether you’re coming from an EMR system, ChiroMax, MRX, ClinicMaster, Clinic Server, MindBody, MS Outlook, Schedulicity, QuickBooks or something else, we’ll review your data and help you get started.

Q: We have more technical research machines.

  • Sigma instrument
  • Insight millenium subluxation station
  • Footlevelers
  • Lunar idexa total bodyscan

Can we connect all of this with your software so we can look at the patients data immediately in their consultation?

A: Unfortunately, the above systems do not talk directly to our software.  You can attach images directly to your client files for your data management.

Q: What is the monthly price of Yocale for my clinic?

A: Pricing can be found on this page.

Q: How are you with costumer care? Is there help available 24/7 -when we need it?

A: There is customer care both for you and your patients that may need assistance with online booking. We are very responsive to both email and phone calls.

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