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Chiropractic Software: Everything To Get You Started

It’s always a great feeling after coming out from a chiropractic adjustment, getting everything back in order and working as it should.

At the same time, when you run your own chiro clinic, there are things you can do to make sure that your business is always running in pristine order.

Today we are going to cover things you need to look for in your chiropractic software, and especially when you want to use an online booking and scheduling system to help run your clinic smoothly and efficiently.

Customize Your Schedule Your Way

When you begin to use online booking software, you right away notice how easy and flexible it is to set up and customize your calendar.

You can set up your services within minutes, and add all of the details right away such as price, length of service, etc.

An easy way to tell which one of your appointments are upcoming, completed, ones that are blocked off, or to even distinguish between your services is to use color-coding.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

A big problem chiropractic offices have these days is that there are a number of clients that just simple no-show and never arrive for their allocated time slot.

With the use of pen and paper calendars, there was no way for you to contact your upcoming patients to let them know of their appointments other than picking up the phone and calling each and every one of them one by one.

With the use of an online appointment calendar software, the system can now automatically send out reminders a day before the appointment either by sms text message or by email and that way you can focus on running your business, and not having to run after your patients.

Yocale Marketplace

One of the most powerful features of Yocale’s scheduling software is its Marketplace.

Where before you were isolated with just having your website up all by itself, you can now get help promoting your business to get in front of more people who are searching for appointments.

And you will be seen by more people who are looking for chiropractic services that are specifically looking in your area, this way you can increase your presence and increase your revenue at the same time.

When you start to utilize chiropractor booking software, you will ask yourself how you lived without it.

From the time-saving features, to the marketing and business management options, just like a spinal adjustment, your business will be well on its way to feeling great again.


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