Clinicmaster Alternative

Yocale VS Clinicmaster

Why pay $100+/month more for all you’ll ever need to manage and market your clinic?
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At a Glance

Plan – Small Clinic$0.00$125.00 
Plan – Medium Business Building$29.00$145.00
Plan – Multiple Location Business$49.00$185.00
Electronic Treatment NotesYes, attach any type of file/image to client filesYes
Marketing Site ListingsYes, listing promoted with non-competing services for finding local appointmentsNo
Automatic MarketingAutomatic review collecting from paid and confirmed clients &  email marketingMarketing emails
Sell products?YesYes

Reasons why Clinicmaster Clients switch to Yocale


Clinicmaster is an extensive EMR system with many features that most practitioners never use. Clinicmaster pricing is on the higher end of the clinic management software system spectrum. Many clients switch from Clinicmaster when they realize they can get all the features they need for their clinic for much less.

User Interface

Clinicmaster software is packed with features for medical clinics which has resulted in a very complex application with a steep learning curve. Many allied health clinics, including Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Naturopath clinics have found that the multiple forms and features can make things more complicated as they use only a small portion of the features.The user interface of Clinicmaster hasn’t been redesigned to match the intuitive customer experience of modern software.

Local Appointment Marketing

Why not have your appointment book linked in with a marketing channel so you can fill your empty spots and use your daily web traffic to help your website ranking and build reviews for your long term marketing strategy? Clinicmaster is only a clinic software, it doesn’t add value to your marketing efforts.
At Yocale, our goal is to help you Get Discovered, Get Booked and Get Reviews. Our online marketplace is both on online search portal and a mobile app, when someone searches, books an appointment, likes or reviews your service, that directly affects your web profile status. It’s valuable SEO-building data we use to your advantage. Our clients have noticed a significant rise in their Google search ranking within a couple months of joining.

Switching from one system may seem like a headache but that’s the beauty of CRM systems, your database of clients, services and providers are all held in basically one spreadsheet. Transferring the data is a quick and easy process of moving that spreadsheet into a new system, just like buying a new phone and your data gets instantly uploaded to the new model, the work goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone with tech support, or stay up past midnight staring frustrated at their bright computer screen, take a hands-free approach we’ll do it all for you with our complete data-migration support.

Not every Clinicmaster customer is the perfect fit for Yocale. Clinicmaster has created a solution helping thousands of businesses run very complex operations with their application, and many companies are very happy with their software solutions. For businesses between 1-40 service providers that are in allied health, beauty and all appointment-based industries, Yocale offers a very completing solution at an extremely reasonable price point that is easy to get started, and a streamlined user experience for you and your clients. We can help grow your business.