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Contractors Rejoice With Automatically Emailed And Printable Receipts

For the average contractor, a single workday is often packed with responsibility. From managing their client base to fulfilling services and processing payments, the do-it-yourself lifestyle of a contractor emphasizes timeliness and efficiency.

With no pre-designated work schedule or overseeing boss, it’s up to each contractor to exercise self-governance in order to tackle their workload successfully. And to see their business grow, a contractor must devote their time to day-to-day contracting while also solidifying plans for the future.

Tight deadlines and a growing number of client projects can often leave contractors without a second to spare – making efficiency paramount to success. And yet, during their long-winded careers, many contractors fail to identify one of their biggest time-sinks – one that could be costing them thousands of dollars in lost time.

While paper-based receipts have been the go-to standard for years, they come at a high cost – a cost that extends far beyond the mere price of paper and ink!

Because the average contractor creates and prints receipts for dozens of clients during any given work week, the process adds up to hours of idle time – time that could be better spent on nearly any other facet of your business!

Thankfully, with Yocale, it’s never been easier to transition your business to a paperless invoice system that supports your growth – rather than undermining it. Save time, cut costs, and boost your bottom line with Yocale today – here’s how it works!

Streamline Your Business With Fully Automated Email Receipts

Ditching paper-based receipts is only advantageous if there’s a much better replacement – and thankfully, there is!

Email receipts – or “e-receipts” – have surged in popularity within the last decade for their ease of access and paperless nature. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ve been offered an e-receipt when shopping at a big-name store within the last few years.

Many businesses are transitioning to e-receipts because they’re a cost-effective solution to an age-old problem.

While paper-based receipts have worked well enough for years, their physical nature necessitates reprints should a client lose their copy or demand another. Factor in ink and paper costs – not to mention time – and it’s very likely that your receipts are costing you a small percentage of every service you complete.

That’s why Yocale supports fully-automated email receipt generation. By removing the reliance on paper-based receipts and transitioning to a digital model, Yocale allows you to invoice your clients effortlessly and automatically without any additional effort on your part!

Because Yocale allows you to create services and schedule appointments, invoicing a client takes just a few clicks. Any time you schedule a service using your Yocale Scheduler and mark the service as complete, Yocale will automatically send an email receipt to the respective client – it’s that simple!

Each Yocale email receipt includes the details of the service(s) completed, the total charges incurred, and is personalized with your business’s unique details, such as your address and phone number. Yocale ensures that each invoice looks both elegant and professional, without forcing you to compose or stylize each email receipt manually.

Yocale also allows you to add a custom message to your email receipts with little additional effort. You could include your payment information or just a pleasant thank-you – it’s completely up to you.

Just fill in the text box to your liking and Yocale will include your message within all of your future e-receipts!

Allow Your Clients To Re-access And Reprint Receipts On-Demand

One of the biggest drawbacks of paper-based receipts is the constant demand for reprints. With paper receipts, reprints happen on your time and at your expense – but thankfully, there’s a better way!

Today’s digital solutions have made online self-service not only possible for your clients – but preferred! After all, it’s safe to say that none of your clients are exactly brimming with enthusiasm at the idea of requesting a receipt reprint – and with on-demand receipts, they won’t have to!

With Yocale’s Email Receipts, your clients can re-download and re-print any of their receipts at any time. The process is as simple as logging in with their Yocale account, browsing through their receipts, and printing the receipt in question.

Yocale’s Email Receipts bring extensive flexibility and convenience to your business, saving the time and energy of both you and your clients!

Track Your Business’s Performance With Full Built-In Reporting

Once you get set up with Yocale’s Email Receipts, you’ll likely love the peace-of-mind and convenience that Yocale’s automation provides. As you complete contracted services, Yocale will handle the invoicing process – providing you with the time and energy to focus on growing your business to the best of your ability.

However, Yocale doesn’t just simplify your day-to-day invoicing – it helps you better understand the bigger picture behind your business, too!

Because Yocale automatically stores and records your transactions, you’ll be able to review and analyze your client growth and revenue generation with Yocale’s built-in Business Performance features. All it takes is a visit to your Yocale Dashboard, where you’ll be able to generate weekly, monthly, and yearly performance reports and get valuable insights into your business.

In just a few clicks, you can create reports based on a specified window of time, as well as print or export them for safe-keeping or later reference.

Want your reports as CVV/Excel or PDF files? No problem!

Yocale allows you to generate and export an unlimited amount of reports to satisfy even the most data-hungry contractors!

The Bottom Line

As a contractor, emphasizing efficient business solutions is crucial to your success. And unfortunately, relying on paper-based receipts might be holding your business back and even preventing you from reaching your contracting goals.

Celebrate the continued growth and evolution of your business by switching to Yocale’s Email Receipts and save time, money, and energy in the process. Get started today – it’s FREE!

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