Customer Retention Tips Part 3: How To Pump Up Your Wellness Center Profits

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is paramount in any industry. Businesses must provide the best quality of service to keep a customer happy and coming back for more.

In the wellness industry, going the extra mile for clients should be something that goes without saying, and something that’s done each and every time.

The thing is, clients have a choice of where they can go, and you want to ensure you are doing everything you can to make sure they keep coming back to you and your business.

Providing exceptional client loyalty should not be taken lightly, and below we are going to discuss three fantastic tips to help your wellness center improve its customer retention and grow its profits.

1. First Impressions Are Key

The way a client interacts with your center for the first time shows them how you run your business and how you will be treating them.

By providing a better customer experience right off the bat, you make things easier for your staff as well as the client.

This will, in turn, lead to happier clients. If ever there is an error, mistake, or something goes wrong, the client will be more understanding, and makes a solution easier to find for everyone involved.

Another way to show that you care about your clients, and to give a great first impression is to speed up services whenever you can.

For clients that require a more prompt treatment, ensure you give them the most timely service possible, this will go a long way in showing them you respect their time and the issues that they are dealing with.

2. Be More Personable

The best way to increase client retention and keep them coming back is to get to know who they are on a very personal level.

One thing you can do is make sure to take down their date of birth, that way you can send them a happy birthday email on their birthday, or give them a discount if they book a service with you on that day.


Ensure that you keep them engaged with your business by sending them personal appointment reminders by email or text message reminding them of their upcoming appointments.

You want to keep them updated on what is happening at all times. Try to be as transparent with them as possible, let them know exactly what is happening, no surprises means no shocked customers

People want to be heard, so listen to what they have to say, don’t jump to conclusions, take a listen first, speak second approach.

Remember that more client loyalty means more referrals for your business in the end, and that is exactly what you want to be able to help grow your business.

3. Be Sociable

The best time to engage with your clients is when they are not even at your wellness clinic.

You do this through social media and an email newsletter.

If you do not already have a social media campaign – start one right away! This will give your clients the ability to sign up with you on some of the biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Adding people to your email newsletter is an incredible way to keep them updated on upcoming appointments, but more importantly keep them engaged with you, and to always have you on their mind.

These above points are so straightforward and quick to implement, and their power can lead to significant outcomes.

Put your clients first and you will start to notice an immediate improvement on their satisfaction level, as well as your customer retention, which in the end will give your business amazing results.


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