Customer Spotlight: Before Yocale, Sima Wondered How Many Appointments She Missed

Sima Mazarei has spent more than 20 years as a notary, helping people in her neighborhood, Central Lonsdale.

Sima brought in Yocale about a year ago to help grow and scale her business. And the platform is proving powerful.

With Yocale, Sima has increased new client bookings by at least 15%. In one year, she produced 100 new online bookings and reduced incoming calls by 30% per week—metrics her company couldn’t have tracked in former years.

Sima is confident that her new success is attributed to Yocale.

She says, “Before Yocale, I knew we were losing clients.” But, what she didn’t realize was how many. How could she? They weren’t in the office to take calls in the evenings and weekends. Now, when she arrives at the office in the morning, new clients – that wouldn’t have left a voice message and could have booked elsewhere – are already booked in.

But the value of Yocale to Sima isn’t limited to an increase in new clients. Yocale provides client management tools that keep important information in one place. Information that goes beyond contact details like upcoming, past, missed rescheduled, total appointments and more.

Sima says, “Having this kind of information all in one place is priceless.”

Her assistant agrees that client management is important, but also recognizes that Yocale simplifies her job, too.

Maryam says, “Online scheduling simplifies things for me and my clients. It takes the back and forth out of scheduling and the frustration out of calendaring. I can see all my appointments front and center every hour of every day.”

Online booking isn’t anything new. But, the difference now is that Yocale is able to scale efforts and track effectiveness. And, more importantly, Sima’s company is listed alongside other local businesses in Yocale’s online marketplace.

For Sima, Yocale fuels her business and accelerates bookings. She’s no longer wondering how may appointments she missed.


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