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Customer Spotlight: Holli is Fully Booked and her Headache Has Subsided

Holli Husband has been a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for 20 years. Currently she works on her own at two locations, but she is looking to expand to a clinic with up to 4 massage therapists.

Why did she turn to Yocale? Beyond convenience for her patients, she is now part of an online community of business and service providers in her neighborhood—making it easy for local residents to discover her business, day or night.

She says confidently, her clients are “…more likely to book at 11 at night or 6 in the morning…”

Originally when Holli selected Yocale, she hadn’t considered all the administrative benefits. The time spent on administration has vastly improved all around.

For example, she was surprised at how much easier it is to coordinate with lawyers.

“Previously, I’d have to bill the lawyer, photocopy and mail the chart. Now, I can bill the lawyer, and send the chart through Yocale with a click of a button.”

Patient charting can be managed right in the system.

She says, “Yocale has made my life easier. It has saved me from placing reminder phone calls every day—that’s 40 minutes at lunch and 30 minutes after work placing calls.” Holli also sends “gentle reminders” to her patients through Yocale to book again—saving yet more calls and putting an end to telephone tag.

When a new patient comes in, she sets them up on Yocale and shows them how to book online. The result of her efforts? She smiles, “A fully booked calendar!”

Even handling receipts is less of a chore. Patients often call to have a lost receipt sent to them for submission to their health plan. Instead of having to dig it up, Holli directs them to Yocale to log in and print the receipt from their personal profile page.

The phone rings so little she says, that on the off chance it does ring, she thinks it’s the neighbor letting her know her dog has run away again! : )

In a nutshell, she says, “It removes all the administrative headaches that we go through every day.”

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