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Cut To The Chase and Take Your Barber Shop Online

There is something about visiting a barber shop that provides men and boys alike with a nostalgia of their younger years. Perhaps it’s approaching the red and white pole seen from a block away. Perhaps it’s the scent of hair products or aftershave when you walk into the shop. Or perhaps it’s spending “man-time” with your neighbours waiting for a styled cut or shave.

Most likely, it’s a combination of all three – the entire barber shop experience.

Traditional barber shops offer a sense of timeless tradition for men. We understand it can be important for barbers to maintain that experience for customers. However, does timelessness mean dated? It doesn’t have to.

We’re big believers that you can harness barber shop timelessness while providing your customers with a modern experience.

Below are a few reasons why you should take your barber shop online:

Your Business Becomes More Accessible.

By implementing an online booking platform for your business, barber shops immediately become more accessible to new customers. Whether they are a millennial searching for a traditional trim, or a tech-savvy baby boomer, looking for a new barber in town, by putting your barber shop online allows more people to find you, more often.

Online Booking Software Is Easy To Use.

A professional salon software allows barber shop owners and barbers to update calendars, schedules, services, and length of treatments. If you’re a forward-thinking barber, implementing a software can allow you to create style profiles, generate receipts, manage client profiles and list your availability for as much work as you want.

Your Business Can Grow, While You Cut Hair

As your business grows, you want to ensure your booking software can handle growth for you. The software barbers choose should all for adding and removing staff, update location information, and adjust the hours and services your business offers.

Focus on providing a great customer experience while an online software handles your business growth.

Nothing is too long.  

A barber shop’s software system should never limit your business, only help it. Select a booking software that allows unlimited appointments and customers so you can be as busy as you want to be.

Let The Hairdressers’s Help.

Wouldn’t it be great if your barber shop was noticed when someone looked for an appointment at a nearby hair salon? An online marketplace acts like a nearby business displaying your business cards.

Online booking software like Yocale, allows barber shop’s to be seen by potential customers booking appointments in other industries. From salons, to massage therapy clinics, your business can be seen wherever you want it to be.

No Need To Wait In Line.

With an online booking software, you can decide if you want to allow customers to make an appointment ahead of time. Make sure your barber shop’s software has the capability for customers to book online, without having call the shop.

This allows for you to focus your attention on your customers and cuts, rather than answering the phones and flipping through an appointment book.

Chop. Chop. Send. 

An advanced barber shop software has the capability to send friendly reminders to customers throughout the year when they haven’t been in for a cut. This feature is great for barbers who care about growing their business and staying throughout the week, year round.

Come On In! 

There are few things worse than a no-show client, on a slow day. An online booking software can automatically send customers email and text reminders 24-hours before their appointment. This will significantly decrease the number of no-shows and avoids any gaps in your schedule when there isn’t anyone waiting in line.

We’re Never Too Busy For You.

A well-thought-out booking software will act as an online appointment book, allowing barbers to sync appointments with other personal calendars.

We’re Open 24/7.

Your barber shop may not be open 24/7, that does not mean your customers shouldn’t be able to book a haircut whenever they like.

An online software that allows customers to book appointments from their mobile phones gives your barber shop an advantage over other shops who only book appointments during working hours.

You Know Your Customers.

An effective online booking software should allow barbers to create customer profiles.

With the ability to make notes on a particular style a customer likes, birthdays or a product they are interested allows you to offer customers a memorable experience during and after they leave you chair.

Good With Scissors, Not With Technology.

Not a problem. Your barber shop software should have technical, and IT support available to you whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about how to use your software or need to understand how to fix a glitch, make sure you can speak, email or chat with a software professional whenever you need it.

There are countless facts to consider when making your business run smoothly. However, the decision to bring your barber shop online will make your business more accessible, take care of your paper work, and avoid appointment book hassles.

Ensuring you have the right software to help your business will allow you to enjoy the results of a modern day business, without cutting down on the traditional experience.

Now that’s a fresh cut!

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