Doctors, Be In The Know With Full Patient Profiles

As a doctor, your practice revolves around your ability to understand and cater to the unique needs of your clients. And without proper organizational methods in place, it can be difficult to reacquaint yourself with the dozens of patients that come through your doors daily.

Allergies, prior medical history, current and past medications – each client of yours has an intricate medical past that deserves careful consideration. And by keeping your patient notes in one, convenient place, you’ll be able to gather clearer insights into the health of your patients and in turn, provide them with better solutions.

With Yocale’s superior, detailed Patient Profiles, you’ll be able to easily store and reference patient details at any time from your digital devices. Effortlessly attach notes, files, and more – and rest assured knowing your records are stored safely on our secure and encrypted servers.

Get organized and take your medical practice online with Yocale – it’s never been easier! Here’s how.

Store Your Patient Records In One Convenient Place

It’s 2018, and most doctors can’t be bothered to keep patient records in paper formats any longer. Digital architecture has changed the way we store and access information for the better – but that doesn’t mean that the improvements and convenience have to stop there.

Sure, storing your patient records and notes on a local computer network is preferable to paper records, but it also carries significant risk. In the event of hardware failure or data theft, the sensitive medical data of your patients is especially vulnerable, and any losses could significantly jeopardize your practice.

That’s why Yocale stores your records in the cloud, where we’re able to emphasize both security and accessibility.

Even if your local devices fail, with Yocale, your data will be safely retrievable from nearly any internet-enabled electronic device – just log in with your Yocale account, and you’re good to go! Leave your doubts about backups or data theft by the wayside – Yocale lets you breathe easy by storing your records safely and securely.

Get Deeper Patient Insights

As a doctor, sometimes you’re not always able to do things “by the book.”

A particularly mysterious or stupefying series of patient symptoms may leave you and your colleagues searching for answers. And in these cases, gathering any amount of insight into your clients can help you to understand even the most puzzling medical conditions.

That’s where Yocale’s client profiles come in handy. By featuring a full transaction and appointment history, Yocale’s client records allow you to explore the deeper nuances of a patient’s medical past.

When did a patient first notice certain symptoms? When did they begin taking a medication?

With Yocale, these insights are right at your fingertips, allowing you and your fellow doctors to “connect the dots” and spend less time digging up archived records.

Simplify your process and broaden your solutions. Yocale gives you the tools to expedite and sharpen your medical problem-solving, allowing you to provide better long-term care for your patients!

Build Stronger Patient Relationships

With so many patients and so much medical data surrounding each, doctors often struggle to form interpersonal bonds with their patients.

Sadly, wait times in between appointments and test results can stunt the development of doctor-patient relationships. And as medical practices evolve, doctors may come and go, resulting in patient reassignment and a loss of patient familiarity.

Over time, this can lead to patients feeling that their needs are being poorly understood or even neglected.

However, Yocale’s Patient Profiles allow you to create a personalized knowledge foundation for each of your clients so that you can provide more attentive and diligent care.

Before or during an appointment, current doctors can review their Yocale Patient Profiles to quickly reacquaint themselves with a patient’s prior medical history and present concerns. Similarly, for newly reassigned doctors, getting up-to-speed on a past patient is made effortless and hassle-free with Yocale’s easy-to-use user interface.

Start Creating Your Patient Database Today – It’s Simple!

Navigating your patient records with Yocale’s Patient Profiles is so easy that we can show you how it works in just a few simple steps!

To get started, all you’ll need is a Yocale account, which you can create for FREE!

Once your account is all set up, you’ll have the option to import your existing patients into Yocale with our Client Import feature. You can also manually add a patient whenever you’d like.

Regardless of how you choose to get situated, here’s how the Yocale Patient Profile interface works once you’ve logged into your Yocale Dashboard.

Navigate to the Clients tab and click on the Business Clients option.

From here, you can browse your patients by name or by phone number. Each patient’s profile will be visible along with some of their basic details, but for a more thorough inspection, simply click the View Details button that appears alongside each patient.

Within the Patient Profile view, you’ll be able to see more details about a patient, including their date of birth, gender, address, comments, and more.

You can also click on Documents or Client Forms to browse any medical records or documents that have been attached to the patient’s profile or add new ones.

If you return to the Patient Profile view, you can even get a quick glance at a patient’s appointment history, including the number of total appointments, cancelled appointments, and more.

Make The Switch – Enhance Your Practice With Yocale’s Detailed Patient Profiles

Yocale’s Patient Profiles provide you with the opportunity to be better informed and in-touch with your patients, while also greatly improving the organization and security of your recordkeeping.

And with Yocale, Patient Profiles are just the beginning. Our full set of transformative business tools will redefine the way you practice medicine and save you time, money, and energy in the process.

Best of all, it’s FREE! Click here to get started – we hope to hear from you soon!

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