What Donald Trump And The USA Election Polls Teach Us About Running An Online Business

What Donald Trump And The USA Election Polls Teach Us About Running An Online Business

The 2016 US Elections and running your online business are connected, and no, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s (questionable) business experience or practices.

Many people might define feedback as constructive criticism provided to help us better a performance or product, or even our personal characters, etc.

If you come from a business background, you would be all-too-familiar with the idea of “customer service orientation”.

As we attempt to become more customer oriented and design a better service experience for our clients, we continually search for ways to know them better and put ourselves in their shoes.

There are many ways to do this—one of the simplest ways is to ask for feedback. In fact, people ask for feedback all the time, everywhere—even in cases where we don’t notice it.

Take the US Presidential Elections, for example; America decides to listen to and hear what people think to elect a president.

This is one of the biggest instances of requesting feedback to make a decision or improvement. If you don’t ask, how would you know?

The interesting thing about digging deeper to figure out what customers want, and getting their opinions on how you run your business is that it reveals things you would never have thought about before.

For instance, if Trump wins the elections, we assume that more people believed in his platform, we understand that he somehow has more supporters and that apparently Canada will receive an influx of Americans heading north to flee from their country.

What happens when you ask more questions about what’s on people’s mind? When Reuters/Ipsos decided to do this by conducting a poll, they discovered something called the “anti-vote,” where it appeared that people voted for an individual candidate only because they so passionately did not want the other candidate to win.

We can see here how asking for feedback and connecting with customers gives us insights that we would not have had before. Now, I’m probably preaching to the choir about why all this is important, so the real question is: how do we go about this?

Let’s show you three incredible tools to help connect you with your customers.

1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo Screenshot

Qualaroo specializes in web-targeted surveys, creating an emphasis on bringing the customer’s voice to life. It recognizes that surveys are an essential tool that allows us to figure out what issues customers are facing, which enables us to help solve them.

While it is easy to rely on analytics and numbers to discern what our customers are thinking, Qualaroo insists on a value for qualitative information that will reveal the “why” driving those numbers.

2. Intercom

Intercom Screenshot

While Qualaroo focuses mainly on feedback, Intercom is a suite that introduces simpler, seamless communication with customers.

Addressing our movement from traditional convoluted communication methods, Intercom’s products address live chat, marketing, feedback, and support.

Their live chat product allows businesses to talk with customers via in-app messages to turn visitors into customers.

3. Hotjar

Hotjar Screenshot

Hotjar comes with the traditional services of polls, surveys, etc.; however, it goes beyond that with unique yet snazzy tools to understand and communicate with customers.

For example, they offer Heatmaps, which analyze and track customers by visualizing their clicks on your website, so that we can better understand their motivations and goals.

Visitor recordings illustrate the actual user experience customers have on your site, so you get to live in their shoes, and can design a better service experience based on the issues that you see arising.

The Low-Down

The reality of online business today is that we need to find out what customers want, in the same way, the US elections use polls to figure out what the people of America want. It’s not a one-way street anymore—it’s important that we create opportunities to listen really to what your customers have to say. Otherwise, at the end of the day, you’ll just be… “Fired!”

Donald Trump Youre Fired

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