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Easy “Resource Booking” Management Tool

Losing productivity by wasting time hunting for the right resource or room to complement your booking? Scheduling shared spaces or resource reservations can be challenging. Say goodbye to resource booking mix-ups and hello to resource scheduling software.

Designed for this type of use, Yocale’s scheduling software is perfect for booking company resources or that exclusive room or equipment you need to carry our a service. Rest assured that resources are booked fairly, privacy is upheld and booking discrepancies never happen!

For instance, questions we often hear from businesses in regards to room and resource bookings include:

  1. Can I reserve a room by assigning it to an appointment?

  2. Can I link a resource to an appointment or service?

  3. Can I set a resource limit if I have limited equipment?

The answer to all of that is, yes! If you are not sure that you need resources to carry out your services, ask yourself this, “Am I ‘competing’ with other providers to use X resource for my appointment?” If the answer is no, then the resource option is not for you.

Let’s visualize some scenarios that “Resources” would be essential in your role:

  1. A service that requires a special type of equipment or can only be performed based on room availability. A prime example of this would be a laser treatment.

  2. If another service provider and yourself work simultaneously and both offer a service that requires a resource. An example would be if both offered microneedling but there is only one machine that can perform this procedure. Assigning the resource to your appointment would reassure it’s accessible for you and your client.

  3. If you are in need of a treatment room. A prime example would be for a physiotherapy clinic or esthetician salon (i.e waxing appointment).

To avoid booking discrepancies, if a resource limit is reached for a specific time slot, the service will no longer be bookable during that time. Now that you have a better understanding of what resources are and how vital they are to carry out appointments, let’s illustrate how easy it is to set it up.

Resource and Category

You can locate the resource tap by maneuvering over to your name on the top right corner of your profile:

Resources management

Within the resource webpage, select Category and Add New Category. Give the new category a name so it’s easy to recognize. Remember to save!

booking category

The Manage Category tab will allow you to name, re-name existing categories and if need to, remove categories that no longer serve you.

Creating Resources

To create a new resource, chose Add a New Resource tab within the same page and create your new resource as the following example illustrates:

manage resources

Once created, you can now associate the resource to the appropriate service and set the number of equipment available in your location(s) by using the “pen tool”:

Edit resources

Once within the edit section> select Manage Inventory:

Manage inventory

Here, you can begin adding the number of resources you have in your business location. If you have more then one location, you can set the equipment or inventory available for each one. Similar to how an inventory management system would operate.

Achieve greatness and enhance your management competencies.

Associating Resources

Now that you’ve created the resource and set the number of resources within your business, you can determine the resources required for each service. For step by step instructions on business management -locations, services, staff, and associating resources, click the link.


Reserving a resource required to fulfill an appointment and being able to view the resource availability will enhance your management capabilities. By adapting to an all inclusive software, your business will profit from a decline in no-shows and see an incline in punctuality. Say goodbye to resource and room booking mix-ups and hello to room scheduling software.

Save time & money – get more from your resource.

Upgrade your business today.

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