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Embed Your Yocale Schedule Onto Your Website

The tech revolution of the last few decades has both introduced and standardized ground-breaking products such as the home computer and electric car. However, one of its greatest innovations is something seemingly unremarkable in comparison – and yet, it’s one that most of us rely on almost every day.

Today’s widgets bring us closer to the data and services that are important to us in a simple and accessible fashion. In just a few clicks, taps, or swipes, we can check our bank account balances, take notes, or set reminders for future events.

And as it turns out, the power of widgets extends beyond personal use – they’re incredibly effective for businesses, too. In fact, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably visited a business website recently that had a help desk widget or something similar built-in.

That’s because today’s business-centric widgets are catching on – and they’re catching on fast.

This sharp increase in widget adoption rates is due in part to their remarkable simplicity and ease-of-use. Even the least tech-savvy business owner can have a widget up-and-running on their website within minutes ­– no installations required!

With Yocale’s Scheduling Widget, you can embed your service-based business’s upcoming schedule right into your website, virtually anywhere you’d like. This allows your visitors to glean insights into your schedule directly from their web browser – and from there, Yocale makes it easy to book an appointment in seconds.

Today’s tech has made business management more streamlined and efficient than ever before – and with Yocale, bringing your schedule online can be the first step in revolutionizing the way you do business. Let’s take a look!

It’s Easy: Embed Your Schedule In Minutes

Many service-based businesses already want to offer their clients and website visitors full access to their schedule online.

After all, the demand is definitely there. In fact, a recent survey found that 70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers to their questions, rather than using phone or email.

As customers increasingly emphasize web-based interaction with the businesses around them, we expect that number will only rise.

However, the technological barrier to entry has likely stopped many business owners from including an online schedule on their websites.

While it’s easier than ever to get your business online using third-party web platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace, and others, adding extra web functionality is often easier said than done.

In addition, many business owners don’t consider themselves tech-savvy enough to get “under-the-hood” of their websites and start toying around with the underlying programming, which is entirely fair!

At Yocale, we believe adding the functionality you need for your business shouldn’t be a complicated or risky endeavour. Given the capabilities and simplicity of today’s tech, adding a schedule to your website should only take minutes – and it shouldn’t take an expert to figure it out for you!

That’s why all it takes to get Yocale’s Scheduling Widget up-and-running on your business’s website is a quick copy and paste – that’s it! No custom HTML or CSS required – just grab the code as-is and go!

Unprecedented Online Convenience For Your Clients

Today’s customers want online solutions to their everyday business needs – and that’s why an Online Schedule is essential.

Your clients shouldn’t have to call you to get an idea of your upcoming schedule. Instead, that information should be online and as easily accessed as your address or phone number.

Surveys have suggested that 73% of consumers search online for information when they have questions for a company or business. Undoubtedly, as a service-based business, your clients are rightfully curious about your schedule – and given that figure, 73% is a big chunk of your potential clientele to leave empty-handed!

Sure, your clients can always call to inquire about your schedule – but why not cut down on phone call volume and potentially boost your bookings in the process? By making your schedule available online, you’ll keep your clients informed – and informed clients are often proactive clients.

With Yocale’s Scheduling Widget, you can satisfy the curiosity of your online visitors by bringing your schedule online, in real time. There’s no complex code to grasp or laborious installations to perform – simply copy, paste, and you’re on your way towards drastically improving your overall customer satisfaction!

How It Works: Get Your Schedule Online In Less Than Ten Steps

It’s nearly effortless to make your schedule available online with Yocale’s Scheduling Widget – in fact, the process takes only minutes!

For starters, the only requirement is that you already have a business account created with Yocale. Don’t worry – creating an account is free and it doesn’t take to register!

Once you’ve created an account, here’s how simple it is to bring your Yocale schedule to your website. Typically, it takes less than ten steps!

  1. Head to your Yocale Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Business Tools using the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  3. You’ll see a page with a variety of choices. Click the Embed Profile circular button.
  4. On this next screen, you can choose whether you want to embed a Book Now button or Yocale’s Scheduling Widget. To select the Scheduling Widget, click the iFrame
  5. The code for the widget will be displayed. Copy the code as-is.
  6. Paste the code into the appropriate page or section of your website. If you need assistance to accomplish this, don’t be afraid to ask your website administrator or someone similar!
  7. Save the web page and navigate to the page/section of your website where you added the widget.
  8. Verify the changes. If everything went to plan, you should see your schedule displayed on your website!
  9. That’s it! You’re done.

Note: If you run a website using third-party software or services like WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, or others, see this guide on how to add your Yocale Scheduling Widget, as additional steps may be required.

The Bottom Line

Yocale’s Scheduling Widget brings an additional layer of flexibility and accessibility to your business by providing your customers with an online window into your upcoming schedule. Whether your clients are looking to book during a specific weekend or are otherwise curious about your availability – Yocale can supply them with the answers at no additional cost or inconvenience to you!

That’s not all, though – Yocale is built to dramatically boost the efficiency and organization of your service-based business, from appointment scheduling to marketing and beyond. Getting your schedule online is just the beginning.

Don’t delay – transform your business today with Yocale’s full, feature-rich software solutions!


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