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Essential Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2021

Marketing is an essential and crucial tool for any business. All the more so, it is valuable for small businesses who are trying to stay afloat and improve their prospects during these challenging, uncertain times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to fine-tune their strategies as they go, refocusing their marketing campaigns to adjust to new restrictions, changing customer habits, and uncertain budgets. 

Below we’ll discuss the fundamental marketing approaches that should be a part of your marketing strategy mix in 2021:

  • Create a Website
  • Invest in Google Ads
  • Optimize Google My Business Profile
  • Rely on Email Marketing
  • Social Networks
  • Branded Packaging
  • Delivery

Website Creation

If you are starting a new business, you should immediately consider creating a professional-looking website. Your website should inform potential customers about your business: what products or services you offer, where are you located, and how they can get in touch with you. Think of the website as your primary line of communication and brand promotion; In fact, the website is one of just a few marketing channels that you can control.

When budget allows, invest in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to boost your site ranking and generate more web traffic. Search Engine Marketing incorporates all the elements of website optimization and the use of paid advertisement. Paid ads are a great way to bring potential customers to your site and to increase brand visibility. Moreover, your existing website will benefit from Search Engine Optimization as it can help locate and remove potential technical errors that may hinder the performance of your site. 

With a website in place, you can then get the most out of marketing channels that work by redirecting prospective customers to your homepage. For this reason, do your best to make your site as intuitive and easy to use as possible; Otherwise, you may lose your audience to the competition. 

Consider Using Google Ads 

Google Ads remains one of the best marketing solutions for small businesses during the current challenging times. Establishing an effective Google Ads campaign is yet another invaluable marketing approach for any small business looking to quickly ramp up their sales. Google Ads allow business owners to promote their products and services, both locally and on a global scale. And, if you have a website in place, this marketing channel can be incredibly lucrative.

Google Ads is a powerful and flexible tool that will fine-tune your ad campaigns to hit your target audience. You can control who will see your ads and when. What’s more, your site ranking will benefit significantly from Google Ads since Google factors in CTR, your landing page, and the relevance of the ad. Having a higher overall score will increase the chances that your ad will be displayed and will also reduce bid prices significantly. 

Optimize Your Google My Business profile

Google My Business (GMB) is a must for any company, especially for small businesses who want to find their clients and establish brand recognition ASAP. With the help of GMB, local businesses have the best opportunity to introduce themselves to potential customers. It is proven time and again that ranking in local search is crucial for the initial success of any company

Google My Business will combine all of the information about your business from various Google platforms, giving you an easy start. When you have successfully optimized your GMB profile, your business will appear in Google local search results, on Google Maps, and on the knowledge panel. Even more noteworthy—Google My Business is completely free! 

Email Marketing is Always an Option

Email marketing is a real powerhouse for businesses of all sizes and niches. People will use email for the foreseeable future. Thus, email marketing should always be a part of your broader marketing strategy. When your business is regularly in touch with your customers, you have a better chance of retaining their attention and loyalty. 

To benefit the most from your email marketing, you should have a clear vision of your target audience and segment your mailing lists and promotion campaigns accordingly. Promote your sales, advertise special offers, and share the latest updates. Your customers will appreciate personalized and informative content, so do your best to provide it. You can use tools like business writing services to provide valuable content and avoid typos. After all, when email marketing is done right, it can help with lead generation and brand awareness. 

Social Media – Go for It!

Social media is a perfect and free marketing opportunity for small businesses. Establishing your brand’s presence and recognition on social networks that are popular among your target audiences will nurture a much-needed trust and connection with your prospective and current clients. 

Remember, it is vital to create original content for different social networks. The internet’s attention span is unforgivably short. If your customers and clients know what to expect from you, they may lose interest and attention. In other words, don’t post the exact same thing on all of your social media channels. Mix it up to keep your target audience interested. 

Be brave to explore the marketing potential of both established and relatively new social networks. Instagram, YouTube, and Yelp are your safe bets, sure, but it would be unwise to disregard TikTok, for example. Choose the most suitable social media for your business, share your customers’ feedback and mentions, repost your blog articles, and let everyone know about your latest news and giveaways. 

Branded Printing on Your Products

Brand printing is another useful way for companies to appeal to their customers. Creative and recognizable custom printed products and packaging will greatly increase your chance to stand out from the competition, especially if your business operates in a highly competitive niche. By investing in custom shopping bags, food containers, napkins, etc., you will establish a better brand image. Plus, when customers walk out of your store with a boxed lunch or bag bearing your name, they’re advertising your brand on the streets. 

Be Smart about Delivery

If your business involves delivering goods to customers, you have a wide range of options in how to make your packaging work for you. Let’s say you own a small restaurant that switched to takeaways. Now, you can get creative with your packaging as we mentioned above, and you can go the extra mile to show customers that you care. It’s as simple as including sanitizing wipes with any relevant products. 

Finally, Be Flexible!

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to affect your business model for some time. For your business to survive and develop, you need to get creative with your marketing strategies. Stay online, use the power of social networks to your advantage, and double-down on sales, giveaways, personalized newsletters, and informative blog posts. Focus your attention on cheap yet effective marketing strategies, and when able, invest in more advanced options!

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