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Yocale’s booking widget is the easiest and simplest way for clients to find their way to their perfect appointment. Clients can now easily find their preferred location, service, provider and date & time for their appointment.

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Online Scheduling Software

Booking Widget in Action

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Branding In Mind

Your company identity is important to you and your customers, make sure you maintain a familiar look and feel by tailoring the booking experience.

Yocale’s new booking widget allows you to fully customize your widget with your own business logo, custom colours & action buttons. 

360 Degree Booking Experience

Most online booking widgets make you follow a typical sequential booking process where you select the location > service > provider > date & time. 

Now you give the customer to enter in and complete their booking from any point and complete booking in a non-linear order. 

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OmniChannel Booking

Give yourself maximum booking exposure by placing your unique booking widget link wherever your business is listed online.

Whether social channels like Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, or your own website, Google listings, review sites or even your email signature. You can use your booking widget link to be booked from limitless avenues.

Highlight Your Business

Increase customer bookings by featuring the various areas of your business in greater detail. 

Showcase your locations, staff, services and reviews with images, videos or GIF’s and expanded staff bio’s and service descriptions. 


Display Organically On Your Website

Yocale’s seamless and non-invasive booking widget can be embedded as a floating widget on your website. This helps to maintain a fluid booking experience within your website ecosystem while allowing your customers to book an appointment with you right then and there.

Booking Policies In Mind

We know that every business operates differently and has their own unique booking policies and procedures. That’s why our booking widget takes into account your various settings, availabilities and policies.

Everything from your cancellation policies, how short or far you’d like booked in advance and appointment schedules are taken into account when customers book through your booking widget

Yocale's Powerful All-in-One Features

Yocale's Powerful All-in-One Features​