Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Good For Business

Personalized emails such as: “We Miss You” or “Happy Birthday”, build connections. Send unlimited messages to your customers with Yocale’s customizable templates. Extending your interaction with your clients, will keep your schedule filled and grow your business.

Drive Solid Results While You’re Doing Other Things

Most businesses are aware of the importance of email marketing and sending personalized emails at highly strategic times. Whether it’s to wish your client a happy birthday as a means to nourish your client relationships or reminding them of a product/service they started to order but didn’t complete, email is a highly important channel of communicating with your clients. But it is personalized emails that have among the highest open-rates and the highest engagement rates.

The problem is that businesses simply do not have the time to send personalized emails to drive results or they are doing so in an ineffective way. Sending personalized emails is just not sustainable for businesses long-term without the help of email automation. It is imperative that businesses, both large and small, implement automation wherever possible if they want to see results. With email taking up such a large chunk of time on a daily business, email automation just makes sense.

Yocale is all about powering businesses to run smarter, and our automated email marketing is one such example of how you can run your business smarter to accomplish a variety of results, whether you want to improve your client relationships or send personal reminders. We have a variety of attractive templates, proven to drive results regardless of what your goal for email automation is.

Start Free, We’ll Grow With Your Business

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or you’re a well-established business looking for the perfect scheduling calendar, Yocale keeps you covered. An Essentials plan is free for life, which includes unlimited appointments, appointment requests, services, and up to 5 staff members. To take advantage of SMS/text reminders, recurring appointments, secure treatment notes, marketing campaigns and other additional features, the Grow, Pro & Ultimate Plans are in place for you.

Join us and let us show you how easy it can be to Get Discovered and Get Booked with Yocale.