Ushering in a new era: paperwork 2.0

Ushering in a new era: paperwork 2.0

Paperwork that feels like you’re on vacation. From intake forms and online contracts to SOAP notes, create custom forms in minutes with the magic of a drag and drop. Then, erase your stress with automatic send-out and filing. Paperwork reimagined.

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Custom Forms

Ditch the paperwork with custom forms

Ultimate smart forms. Ditch the messy filing cabinet. Power up your online bookings with custom forms. Create any kind of digital form, from intake forms to questionnaires and everything in between. Set rules for how they get sent out, have clients e-sign, automatically file documents and more.

Create any kind of digital form

Create online forms in minutes from external forms like intake forms to internal forms like SOAP notes.

Create questionnaires, waivers, progress notes, before-and-after photos and more – all mobile-friendly. Test your imagination.

Share internal forms with clients without giving access to the full form.

Set smart form rules

Set rules so forms get sent out exactly how you want them: once, at every appointment by service type, or per client. Even make forms mandatory in order for clients to complete their booking. Have a walk-in? Allow clients to complete forms on your personal device without giving them access to anything else.

Customize the format so forms get completed

Embed questions into the online booking process so clients won’t even realize they’re filling out a form or have clients exclusively focus on your form when more attention is required. Plus, automatically link forms to email notifications – all in any language!

Easily share forms

Easily share forms via the client portal, create shareable links, email, or print forms at any time. Even share forms with those outside of your organization (read-only).

File forms automatically

Ultrasonic automatic filing. Auto-save forms to individual client records, all securely stored in the cloud. Plus, easily organize all forms with categories and tags and use smart filters to always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Easy breezy form completion - for you and clients

Think big! More than just forms. Annotate on images, pin items, capture signatures, draw on canvas, create galleries and more!


Integrate forms into your booking flow

Link any form to your client records. Have clients complete forms in advance, automatically file forms in their record and always have client forms directly at your fingertips.

Have clients complete forms in advance

Jump right into your service by linking forms to the online booking process (and even to specific services). Plus, whenever a client updates information (like their address), it’s automatically captured - no manual effort required!

Client history at your fingertips retinas

Quickly access a client’s complete form history with a few clicks, from client history forms to booking forms or internal forms that you’ve given clients partial access to.​

Automatically e-file forms

Say goodbye to the days of manual filing. Automatically file forms automatically within each client’s record and respective appointments.

Freely create forms whenever you
need to

Need to collect information before an actual appointment can be made like a contract, questionnaire or a proposal or after an appointment has already taken place? Flexibly create any kind of form whenever you want without having it having to be linked to a prior booking.


Collect data, e-sign and more

Next-generation form-building, complete customization. Have your forms do exactly what you need them to – all with a simple drag and drop. Collect data, capture e-signatures and documents and customize the look and feel.

Capture signatures, capture data, draw and more

Create any kind of form you want. Capture e-signatures and data, draw on canvas, pin items and more.

Create forms that look like you

Incorporate forms directly into the booking process for a super seamless experience or send forms to clients at a later date. Add your logo and customize the look, feel and colors.

Plus, get a preview of your mobile responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablets before you publish your forms.

Your forms, your way

Add text, images, video and collect data (multiple-choice, yes/no questions and more) – all with a simple drag and drop or a single click.

Even categorize your forms and add tags for uber-organized forms.


Monitor form status in real-time

Ultimate real-time form status. Easily manage the status of all forms in real-time – even straight from your calendar! Next, follow up with a single click for zero back and forth.

Easily see outstanding forms

View the status of forms in each client’s record (completed/pending).

Identify outstanding forms from your calendar

With the help of icons, quickly see outstanding forms associated with each appointment when looking at your calendar.

See the status of all forms in a tidy list

Easily view the status of all client forms (completed/pending/locked) in a single list for the ultimate form workflow.

Find forms in an instant

Easily search for forms or even filter forms (by appointment date, provider, by status and more) so you never have to go digging again!

View real-time status (and follow-up with a click)

Easily see the status of client forms (completed or pending) in real-time. Send a follow-up email to clients who haven’t completed their forms in a single click. Or, ask clients to update information on their forms with a single click; changes will be automatically captured in the system – zero manual updates required!


Snappy ready-made templates

Save time and quick-start by creating forms from ready-made templates. Pre-made forms can be further customized however you’d like, all with a simple drag and drop. Simply send your forms to Yocale support to get them created for you!


Ultimate form security

Polished, automatic appointment notifications and reminders. Reduce no-shows and keep your entire business on track with alerts for clients, front-desk staff and providers.


Enable protection and encryption of all forms (or even protect and encrypt sensitive questions).


Lock external forms after a certain period of time so information cannot be altered by clients.


Share internal forms with clients while hiding certain parts of the form.


Hide forms between providers so forms are not visible among staff.


Give quick form access to clients via a tokenized email link that only they can access without requiring additional login.

Online booking is only the beginning.


Polished, automated confirmations and reminders.

Client Management

All your clients’ journeys in one place.


Schedules at a glance, easily customizable.

Point of sale

1-click invoicing and 1-click, online check-out.


Automated marketing – book buttons, reviews and more.

Reserve with Google

Get booked straight from Google – up to 64% more bookings!

Yocale Pay

Stylish hardware and wholesale rates.

Yocale Meet

1-click connect, integrated and secure web conferencing.