Stay Connected. Make more Money.
If you’re spending too much time or no time at all trying to stay connected with your customers, Yocale’s automated marketing features help you get the word out to new clients, build lasting relationships with current customers and you don’t have to be a marketing expert to see results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Good For Business.

Personalized emails such as: “We Miss You” or “Happy Birthday”, build connections. Send unlimited messages to your customers with Yocale’s customizable templates. Extending your interaction with your clients, will keep your schedule filled and grow your business.

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Rebooking Reminders

“It’s Been Awhile, Would You Like To Rebook?”

Your clients want to rebook, but life is busy, time goes by and they have completely forgotten! Stop your clients from disappearing or seeing them less throughout the year by sending them a friendly reminder to rebook their next appointment with a link to your schedule. You will see a nice boost in client retention and a growth in recurring revenue.

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Client Notifications and Reminders (reduce no-shows)

Stop Losing Money From No-Shows.

When customers fail to show up for an appointment, they waste your time and hurt your bottom-line. Yocale’s unlimited email and text (SMS) message notifications and reminders will reduce the number of forgotten or missed appointments. Our customers have seen an 80% reduction in no-shows.

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