No Gap Scheduling

No Gap Scheduling

No Gap Scheduling

No more awkward gaps in the day with Yocale’s “Automatic” time slots booking option. Yocale’s real-time availability shows the optimal booking times to keep your schedule tight, getting you the bookings you need at the times that work best for you.

A Full Schedule – No More Downtime!

Those odd gaps between appointments, 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there (you know the ones), add up to many unaccounted for hours in a day, without many businesses even realizing it. In a given week, those lost hours add up to days of lost business. Over months, those hours turn into entire weeks. There is no other way to say it than to say that, over time, those lost hours simply translates into lost dollars.

Time is money with any business and therefore it is absolutely imperative that businesses have a tight grasp on time management. With Yocale’s automatic time scheduling feature, only the times that are optimized will be shown. Odd gaps are eliminated and minimized, allowing your business to run as efficiently as possible. When your schedule is always full, your pocketbook is, too.

More Free Time, More Business Growth

Yocale gives you the tools to manage your time in a highly optimized way. Not only does this eliminate lost hours, which can drastically impact your bottom line over time, but it also gives you those hours back to you, where they belong. When time is managed as efficiently as possible, it means that you now have the ability to spend those extra hours elsewhere, on other high value tasks for increased business growth.

Yocale, The Best Online Booking Software

Yocale has solidified its place as top leaders who generate growth for local businesses. Our set of powerful online booking software and other tools is the first choice among businesses both big and small. Yocale is all about powering businesses to operate the smart way and our software drives powerful results, from reducing no-shows to acquiring more clients and driving all around business growth.

Start Free, We’ll Grow With Your Business

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or you’re a well-established business looking for the perfect scheduling calendar, Yocale keeps you covered. An Essentials plan is free for life, which includes unlimited appointments, appointment requests, services, and up to 5 staff members. To take advantage of SMS/text reminders, recurring appointments, secure treatment notes, marketing campaigns and other additional features, the Grow, Pro & Ultimate Plans are in place for you.

Join us and let us show you how easy it can be to Get Discovered and Get Booked with Yocale.

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