Notifications & Reminders

Yocale’s unlimited email and text (SMS) reminders can help reduce no-shows by 80%, saving your business thousands of dollars year after year.

Popular Notification & Reminders Features

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Automated Email Reminders

Email reminders are proven to reduce no-shows. Save your business thousands of dollars every year with automated email reminders.

Customize your message, choose your delivery time and help ensure you reduce your business no-show rate with email appointment reminders.

Automated SMS Reminders

Reduce no-shows and save your business thousands of dollars every year with automated SMS (text) reminders.

Customize your delivery time and oversee your sent messages to make sure they’ve been received. See how automated SMS reminders can help reduce your business no-shows.

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Custom email message

Custom Client Messaging

Customers appreciate the little details – they make you stand out. Customize your client notifications to add specific instructions, parking, forms to fill out and more.

Help keep your clients informed with custom client messaging.

Staff Notifications

Keep your staff in control of their schedule by notifying them of new bookings, cancellations and reschedules.

They will always be aware of any calendar changes made and can be notified by email, SMS or through our calendar notification centre.


Online Scheduling Software
Online Scheduling Software

Client Communication History

Never wonder if your messages are being sent or or properly delivered. With client communication history, you can see the status of your messages for both email and SMS and know if they have been sent successfully and preview the message they’ve received to ensure everything is accurate.

Recurring Rebooking Reminders

Yocale automates rebooking reminders so that you keep your customers coming back week after week, keeping customer loyalty and your profits high.

Ensure you maximize the amount your clients visits by customizing the timing of your rebooking reminders being sent out and tailor the reminder to make it easy for your clients to rebook when convenient for them.

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Yocale's Powerful All-in-One Features

Yocale's Powerful All-in-One Features​