Ultra-polished, appointment   reminders

Eliminate revenue loss by 86%! Keep your entire business on track with custom appointment reminder emails and text message reminders for your front desk, staff and clients!

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Nix no-shows with email and text alerts

Sit back and stay productive while making sure clients show up and are prepared with personalized and friendly reminders. Reminders include all the details, from confirming the services booked, the date/time, required forms and more.

Confirm bookings with automatic notifications

Send automatic booking confirmations that come complete with everything clients need to prepare for their appointment, including custom information and forms that need to be filled.

Clients get booking details straight to their phone and personal calendars and can easily reschedule or cancel directly from their appointment confirmation.

Remind clients of upcoming appointments

Trigger an automated email reminder and text reminders for appointments that come complete with everything clients need to prepare for their appointment, including directions, forms to complete and even personalized notes – by both email and SMS.

Clients can easily reschedule or cancel directly from their confirmation and can opt out of reminders.

Notify clients of scheduling changes (with a click)

Send an automatic rescheduling notice with a single click.

Notify clients of outstanding forms (with a click)

Send clients an automatic reminder to complete forms (waivers, consent, proposals, contracts, etc) with a single click.

Automatically ask clients to write reviews

Automatically send clients a “Review Request” as soon as appointments are done. Reviews will appear on the Yocale Marketplace, in Google search and will be embedded within your Google Business Profile!

Notify clients of invoices and payment requests

Send clients invoices and notify them of payment requests.


Keep staff on track with alerts

Keep your staff on track with provider alerts whenever appointments are booked, rescheduled or canceled – by email and SMS.

Notify staff whenever new appointments are made

Trigger automatic confirmations whenever new appointments are made.

Notify staff whenever appointments are rescheduled or canceled

Trigger automatic notifications whenever appointments are rescheduled or canceled.

Biz Alerts

Stay in the loop with business alerts

Business alerts for every occasion. Never feel out of the loop again – stay on top of your business.

Get notified straight from your calendar

Receive notifications straight from your calendar whenever new appointments are made, rescheduled or canceled as well as whenever clients write reviews or make payments in full.

Get notified whenever clients leave reviews

Receive notifications straight from your calendar assistant clients leave reviews.

Stay on top of payments with notifications

Receive notifications whenever clients make payments in full.

Get alerted whenever clients request appointments

Get notified whenever clients submit appointment requests that require approval before they can be confirmed.


Personalize your alerts

Turn on autopilot! E-mail & SMS reminders delivered how and when you want, from the timing to notes, logos and more.

Choose when you want to send reminders

Customize the delivery schedule of automated reminder emails and text message reminders.

Add custom notes to notifications

Add custom notes to appointment notifications like parking directions, your cancellation policy or anything else you’d like!

Add your logo

Add your logo to all notifications so they look and feel exactly like your brand!

Send custom virtual appointment alerts

Automatically send custom virtual appointment alerts that only contain the option to join the virtual meeting.

Reminder Tracking

Track whether reminders have been sent!

Track the current status of all alerts and whether they’ve been scheduled, sent or failed so you can act fast!

Confirm that reminders have been scheduled

Monitor whether notifications and reminders have been scheduled so there is always a record!

Track the status of notifications and reminders

Confirm that notifications and reminders have been successfully sent (or have failed) so you’re always in the loop.

Online booking is only the beginning.


Schedules at a glance, easily customizable

Point of sale

1-click invoicing and 1-click, online check-out.

Client Management

All your clients’ journeys in one place.

Reserve with Google

Get booked straight from Google – up to 64% more bookings!


Automated marketing – book buttons, reviews and more.

Online forms

Online forms with automatic send out and filing.

Yocale Pay

Stylish hardware and wholesale rates.

Yocale Meet

1-click connect, integrated and secure web conferencing.