Fill Up Your Chiropractic Practice With No Gap Scheduling

You’ve probably heard it dozens of times, but it still rings true – in a service-based industry like Chiropractic Massage, the golden rule of success is time management.

Keep your schedule packed tightly, and you’ll likely see profits soar – right..?

Well, there’s just one problem. As a chiropractic business, your calendar often reflects the scheduling needs of your customersnot what’s most efficient for you.

You may have a flexible schedule, but ultimately, it’s up to the customer to decide when they want to stop by for an adjustment or massage. In theory, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this – after all, chances are you take pride in your ability to respect the individual scheduling needs of your clients.

However, over time, this variability of scheduling can poke literal holes in your chiropractic business.

Appearing in the form of awkward scheduling gaps, those pesky blocks of time in-between appointments represent idle time that isn’t being used to service customers or drive profits.

In the short-term, scheduling gaps may just seem like a minor nuisance. But in the long-term, the chances are that they’re severely undermining your profits while also dampening your ability to take on new clients and new appointments.

The solution? Keeping your appointment schedule full – but also keeping it tight. By eliminating those gaps in your calendar, you’ll have time for more appointments, more customers, and more profits.

With Yocale, it’s never been easier to optimize your schedule by ironing-out those meddlesome scheduling gaps that prevent your chiropractic business from operating at its best. But, we don’t expect you to take our word for it – here’s how!

Keep A Better, Tighter Schedule – How It Works

Yocale’s No-Gap Scheduling is built around a simple algorithm that allows you to optimize your schedule by offering your clients the best available timeslots while also minimizing scheduling gaps.

Simply put, it ensures that your incoming appointments are booked neatly and tightly – allowing you more space for more bookings.

With Yocale’s No-Gap Scheduling, your clients will be offered the first available time slot based on your current availability.

For example, imagine that you have two clients who want to book as soon as possible on Tuesday. They’re both in the process of creating an appointment online with you via Yocale’s simple online booking interface.

Let’s say your chiropractic business opens at 10 AM. Assuming Client #1 creates their appointment first, Yocale would offer Client #1 a 10-10:30 AM slot, while Client #2 would be booked directly after with a 10:30-11 AM slot.

Essentially, opting for No-Gap Scheduling will allow Yocale to optimize your appointments by creating them back-to-back automatically.

Of course, you can always change your Time Slot preferences in Yocale if you’d like to allow for short time gaps in between appointments. Some chiropractors find these settings to be more preferable, as it gives them ample time to tidy up and prepare for their next appointment.

Regardless of your preference, Yocale is made to adapt to the needs of your business. That’s why you can easily specify if you’d like to take bookings in 15-minute or 30-minute time slot intervals in your Yocale options – but we’ll get to that shortly!).

Take The First Step – Bring Your Schedule Online With Yocale

Transforming your chiropractic business begins with one simple step – taking your schedule online via Yocale’s easy-to-use browser-based interface.

Once you’ve created your schedule with Yocale by specifying your hours of availability and selecting your available services, eliminating those irritating scheduling gaps with our No-Gap Scheduling takes just a few clicks.

To start reclaiming your business’s time and bolster your profits, you’ll need a Yocale account for your business. No-Gap Scheduling is a feature available starting at our “Grow” plan and up.

Once your account is up-and-running, head to your Yocale Calendar and click Manage Schedule.

Click New Schedule at the left-hand side of the screen to begin creating your chiropractic business schedule within Yocale. Here, you’ll choose your hours, services, and more – remember that you can create a schedule for each of your employees.

Next, choose the location where you’ll be offering your services. Yocale supports multiple business locations, so make sure you choose the correct one.

Now, Yocale will allow you to customize your schedule to fit your business as-is. On this screen, you can toggle your services to match their availability, choose your bookable hours, and more.

This screen is also where you’ll be able to select your Time Slot preferences, which will allow you to enable Yocale’s No-Gap Scheduling feature. Here’s a breakdown of your options using the drop-down menu:

  • Automatic – Enable automatic back-to-back appointment optimization with Yocale’s No-Gap Scheduling. When clients book with you, Yocale will attempt to fit them in directly after any existing appointments.
  • 15 minutes – Offer time slots in fifteen-minute chunks. Clients booking online through Yocale will be offered appointment times in fifteen-minute increments (for example – 9:15 AM, 9:30 AM).
  • 30 minutes – Offer time slots in thirty-minute chunks. Clients booking online through Yocale will be offered appointment times in thirty-minute increments (for example – 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM).

Now, just hit Create Schedule to finalize your changes.

That’s it – you’re done!

Yocale will now begin optimizing your appointments for you automatically any time a client books online. Take a deep breath and enjoy knowing that from now on, any untimely gaps in your schedule will be kept at bay!

The Bottom Line

Your chiropractic adjustments ensure that your customer’s bodies are better-optimized for everyday life. However, the business side of your practice also requires a similar degree of optimization and care.

Make the adjustment – ensure you’re getting the most out of every business day with Yocale’s full suite of tools for your business, including No-Gap Scheduling.

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