In helping to do our best to keep small businesses up and running during these difficult times, we have launched Yocale Meet for easy virtual appointments

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If you are part of the auto mechanic industry, then you are familiar with flexible drop off and pick up times to cater to clients’ schedules. A customer can drop off their car before 9 AM and the shop will try to finalize repairs on the same day,- however many vexing phone calls are exchanged in between.

Yocale is very well suited for these types of shops by allowing clients to reserve a spot online and define the problem or reason for the repair in advance of their visit, all without the need to occupy staffs time.

In the following sections, we have laid out the simplicity {and cleverness} of an online appointment software.

Get Bumper-to-Bumper Bookings

To achieve a healthier revenue growth you need more business, simple. Start by creating your profile on Yocale and adding all the services you offer,- including price and duration. In the example below, each service is set for a duration of 360 minutes (or 6 hour). The service duration represents a range of drop off times in order to offer flexibility.

Depending on the number of service bays or available time-slots, you can define “concurrency” for your services.

Concurrent Appointments

With Yocale’s Concurrent feature, ensure you are accepting appointments to your full capacity. What are Concurrent appointments? If your business has the capacity (or providers) to cater to multiple appointments at the same time, then this feature is ideal for you.

An example would a shop that has 2 available service providers that can both perform service A, say an oil change. In order to avoid missed opportunity and fulfill both spots, set the maximum number of concurrent appointment(s) from your Profile->Schedule:


Booking Widget

Once the innovative Booking Widget is synced to your website, customers can apply filters to find their best appointment in just a couple of clicks and book multiple services, subsequently. The multi-location, multi-service and multi-language widget can be the best technological resource you set up for your business up to date. For instance, you can customize the Location/Service/Provider fields on the booking Widget to represent your industry.

Furthermore, your customers can use any device to book services on the go.

Want a 86% decrease in no shows? Customize confirmations and notifications to be sent via text or email prior to visits. Provide the opportunity for clients to book you while you sleep. Once booking is confirmed, the colour-coded calendar will be automatically updated to represent the new booking.

Gather Meaningful Data

With the new and advanced form feature, you can protect your staff and meet health and safety regulations by screening customers in advance for any symptoms.

In order to utilize your time to its full capacity and prepare for your day in advance, create any type of form to assess reason of visit or simply obtain vehicle information. Your team will receive the information in real time and the system will automatically save and store the information to a client’s digital file for easy accessibility.

Below is an example of a simple embedded form. Once the customer choses a service, they will be prompted to fulfill their vehicle information before the system confirms their appointment:

online form

You now have the resources to expand your business online and benefit from new opportunities,- but let’s not forget about the biggest search engine in the world.

Does Google know you Exist?

Want more bookings? Make sure Google knows you exist! Create your schedule on Yocale and let us handle the rest. With Yocale as an official Google Reserve partner, we can get you booked and discovered, fast.

To achieve more booking opportunities in your industry, the Autobody Shop Software: Appointment Scheduling article will help immensely.

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