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Free Scheduling Software for Universities During Pandemic

University life is as busy as it gets.

Utilizing technology to its fullest during this time is essential as majority of schools have transitioned to online classes. If you think of communication practices used in universities and colleges today, you realize the lack of connection channels. For instance, there is email and in person visits, in person visits being restricted by Covid-19.

For the purpose of this article, I was able to interview a few students currently enrolled in educational institutions to understand their views on online classes. Though there seemed to be flutters of excitement to resume their education, I observed feelings of anxiety. For instance, anxiety about limited access to professors and tangible training. Anxiety about managing their time and meeting deadlines. All these negative feelings can discourage students to exceed their potential.

However, there is a solution and one that is easily implemented; Online scheduling and video conferencing software. Yocale has a plethora of features integrated to strengthen communication channels and enhance your day to day experiences. Let’s view these features together.

Benefits of an All Inclusive Software

“Meet” Video Conferencing

The golden goose. Our video conferencing platform allows virtual one on one sessions or group sessions for conducting interviews and screening students, for instance. Use Yocale Meet to collaborate with students (or their families) and review their portfolio or discuss challenges.

Some of our clients within the educational institution use the video conferencing and scheduling tool for the initial admission and interview process to screen students.

Practicality, uploading files and annotating on shared documents contribute to the uniqueness of this gem. Did we mention up to 100 participants can join a video conferencing call at once? Watch this short demo video to see how easy it is to upload documents and collaborate with your colleagues and students “face to face”:

Ready to start using Yocale MEET ? Click the link.

Calendar and Appointments

Increase student engagement and retention. Having access to an advisors schedule empowers students to book visits anywhere, anytime, on any device on the go. Avoid constant calls, emails and making notes as an all in one solution software reacts as your very own personal assistance. Instead, focus that energy to consult and lead students closer to their goals.

Recall the feelings of anxiety students felt about meeting deadlines? Students can also benefit from using Yocale’s resources and color coded calendar to manage their time and assignment deadlines much more effectively.

Automatic Reminders through SMS and Email ensure that students won’t forget about their appointment. If you want to turn this option off, our platform is fully customizable to meet your need.

Responsive Forms and Reporting

Using an all in one solution software, screening your students in advance is viable. Need your students to send you their transcript or a certificate? Request it and they can take a photo and upload it with the form feature. Need a student to send their draft assignment for review? Request it and they can upload it. Teachers can also use the platform to send questioners or exams directly to student and receive the results in real time.

You might be thinking, “I can send and receive documents with email, so what’s the catch?” Well, the difference is exponential! Primary, everything will be documented and saved in your database under the students file. You can then make notes and annotate on the file using shapes, pins and different colour fonts; Making exam assessment and marking a breeze. You can also request signatures (e-signature) as the primary consent approval. Imagine the time and energy that can be dedicated to others tasks just by using the form capabilities.

For details on the form overview and access, click the link.

Easy Cancelling and Rescheduling

Cancelling and rescheduling meetings is as easy as creating them, worry free! Need proof? Watch our demo vide:

Marketing Tools for Student Engagement

Maintaining student engagement is a top priority for institutions right now. University life is nothing if not eventful and students should still have a variety of activities to choose from. While beer-chugging and savage gatherings have long been favoured by college students, as times change, so have these type of events

To limit social isolation, consider a low key coffee bar team meeting or plan a stress relief activity like yoga or meditation in the park. Whichever type of event suits your institution best, use Yocale’s marketing tools to create a template for your message and send it to a mass audience.

Yocale’s marketing template makes it easy to send birthday messages to students or staff. Using the search engine feature, pick a date range and discover all upcoming birthdays! Create a birthday message to make your students and colleagues feel exceptional.

Wrapping it Up

The use of technology is vital for growth and copping with feelings of isolation, particularly during the pandemic.

A scheduling software provides resources for teachers to organize their time better and improve student- teacher relationship. Students can flourish academically and make a psychological investment in learning when their educational institution adapts to an all-inclusive software like Yocale.

By having attendees details, reporting and communication history neatly wrapped up in one system, universities can reduce overhead of managing their office life.

Upgrade your educational institution today and open a door of possibilities.

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